The death of Colin Powell through Covid, but compounded by increasing dementia, reminded us of what a fine example he was to the world. He never let his early life living in Philadelphian slums as the son of Jamaican migrant parents hold him back from spectacular achievement.

I admired him enormously for his mea culpa on the Iraqi invasion, based as it was on blatant lies.

I can overlook Bush because he’s a half-wit, but never Tony Blair who’s not. To this day it’s a huge mystery why Blair bought into this “weapons of mass destruction” obvious nonsense in justification. Under enormous pressure Blair promised to reveal the “evidence” on a Sunday night. I well remember this as I was salmon fishing in a Scottish fishing lodge and couldn’t wait to read Monday’s newspapers. What Blair produced was so screamingly obvious bullshit, it will be recalled it led to massive protest marches over the following weeks. He will forever be a pariah and by any definition is the worst war crimes offender alive, with the blood of nearly a million people on his hands.

Blair may be bright but he’s also utterly immoral. Not so Colin Powell, who was a man of intellect, integrity, and great judgement. He rightly condemned the disgraceful Guantanamo Bay. He’d have made a great President but when it was floated, said he lacked the hunger for the job: That cannot be said about Obama who certainly had the hunger (like all successful politicians), but in the event, delivered nothing radical during his innocuous two terms.


Yes. Square bloke.

I understand Powell had been in hospital for a few weeks as a result of a cancer problem. I still wonder how much Powell knew about the WMD scam at the time? But at least he did apologise later. Interesting that, like Thomas Sowell he grew up in ghettos and achieved a lot in spite of it.

    From memory, Powell was deeply unhappy at having to give the UN address, but felt it his duty to obey his Commander-in-Chief.

    Powell admitted later that he knew very well that his speech to the Security Council was a tissue of fabrications, especially the WMD claim. And among other dodgy enterprises on his part, in the 1960s he was a key player in the initial cover-up of the My Lai massacre – the slaughter by US troops of around 500 unarmed Vietnamese villagers. He had a very chequered career to say the least.

What I know about politics is there is very little truth, and allot of hidden agendas.

Colin Powell probably had more integrity than most, but unfortunately integrity is not part of the job description.

As for Blair, and like most lawyers, they will do what ever it takes to do the job they are tasked with. Thats why you see so may in local and central government positions. Yes minister!!

In my observation, most people who achieve a lot started with humble beginnings and went for success rather than victimhood..

Can’t help noticing that the media here and overseas call him African American, but both his parents were Jamaican. Were they originally from Africa, and emigrated to Jamaica?

Couldn’t agree with you more, Bob, re Blair. A prolific liar to his people. Cindy honed her craft well whilst working under his tutalage. Recently watched an excellent movie on Netflix, based on fact, about pushback from citizens re the Blair govt lies and Iraq/WOMD. Called “Official Secrets” Good cast, great story.

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