It’s long overdue for the Dominion-Post to take on competent sub-editors. A blaring head-line last week, spread over two pages boldly claimed, “Nitrates In Water Kill 40 Kiwis A Year: Study”.

The accompanying story by the paper’s Science Writer Amber Allott, made no such claim. Rather it quoted a highly theoretical university study that speculated such a figure was possible, assuming that our nitrated water was responsible for the mystery of New Zealand’s extraordinarily high bowel cancer rate.

Journoes could have fun with this sub-editor goose. Imagine submitting a fictitious article speculating something along the lines of whether in the event of an American show-down with China over Taiwan, we would be bound by ANZUS to offer two frigates.

The clown would run it on the front page with “New Zealand Declares War On China”.

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Perhaps the sub-editor isn’t a goose at all and we’re simply witnessing the Dom Post’s clear bias: pro 3-waters, anti-farming.

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