One of Wellington’s delights/horrors, depending on your mood, is reading the Dominion-Post, copies of which are sprayed about and thus free.

Consider this week’s Monday issue. It contains a short interview with a local cricketer, Luke Georgeson, who is asked what he likes best about living in the capital.

Luke advised the following.

“You can’t beat Kilbirnie Park”, then immediately contradicted this with,

“You can’t go past the Basin.” He then changed his mind and added,

“You can’t beat lying on (its) bank.” Further thought and another contradiction, namely,

“You can’t beat playing golf at Miramar”, an extraordinary assertion as it’s a shocker with the racket from the adjacent airport.

Then for good measure Luke tossed in two more, contradicting absolutes, specifically

“You can’t go past Mum’s cooking” and

“You can’t go past the people”

Elsewhere, in lieu of news, the papers ran two features on the wonderfulness of Gisborne and lapsed into mind-blowing baby talk. Both have headings talking about “Gizzy”.

I confess I’ll miss the Dom’ when it’s gone, as is the inevitable fate of all print media.

One Comment

Years back a female National Radio host was drumming up the wondrous aspects of Wellington. She invited callers to submit their choice as to what was the best view of the city. I eventually got through, then offered my opinion that it was best seen over the stern as you headed south, away from the dump and I was promptly cut off.

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