… given our utterly useless and in the thrall of our Prime Minister the majority of our journalists are … Tova ! … Jessica ! .. we’ll gift to Tremain the high honour of honesty in showing how we really truly feel about the current government …

He forgot about ‘How to Survive In Politics’. Maybe thats still is use?

frederickwilliscroft November 19, 2021 at 11:04 am

I love these cartoons. You will never see any cartoons remotely like this on Stuff. Their motif is that the government and particularly Jacinda are never to be lampooned, mocked or laughed at. Save that for the opposition.

My non-scientific,anecdotal,but quite real poll among friends, acquaintances and workmates, reveal the current prime minister as having a low, and falling toward very low, level of approval.

And that’s stated somewhat more politely than some of them expressed it.

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