So the All Blacks are no longer the All Blacks having donned a white top for their last match.

That’s progress, black being the colour of choice by superstition purveyors and fat girls.

They could make another huge step forward with a further change, specifically abandoning the embarrassing infantile threatening war dance at the beginning of the match, now especially ironic given nearly every side beats them.


Totally agree


The silly Haka is why I have never, ever, watched an All Black rugby match.

Couldn’t agree more! They expend all their energy on the Haka & take 20 minutes to recover.
Maybe they could resort to doing it after the match, if they win! We will then find out whether it is all for glory or for show!

It’s the fault of the marketing gurus actually. Prior to Rugby going professional you only saw the haka performed when the AB’s toured the UK. It wasn’t a thing for South Africa, France or Australian tours.

But the marketing folks love this sort of garbage, which is why it became an All Black thing for every test match.

We could go “counter current” & chant it in English!!!

I’m over it. Most of the opposing teams seem to just look on in an amused way..archaic in this day and age.

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