The inside word is that Wellington’s Dominion-Post has surpassed its annual leading the field standard 12% circulation drop and last year lost an extraordinary 19% of subscribers.

No surprise there after its ludicrous maori wonderfulness nonsense every day.

This once terrific newspaper is now mostly a daily farce. Specially extraordinary is what passes as a cartoon. Currently it alternates with two purported cartoonists, neither of whom have ever once managed to make a point let alone be funny.

Today’s tragically pathetic effort illustrates this.


Having been a long time reader, supporter and delivery boy in the 1960’s, I am fast losing patience with the journalism standards of this once proud daily. Whilst still a subscriber, I to will no doubt be one of the many to walk away.

While the Dom & Sunday Star Times do lead the Wokester field, journalism standards throughout the country are abysmal.
The Public Interest Journalism Fund has not helped! It will get a lot worse before it gets better.

Taranaki Daily News from the same stable seems to be going the same way.

I’ve not read, let alone purchased or subscribed to a newspaper for years, the last one having been the Chicago Tribune in the late 1990’s (it too has gone down the tube).

But that cartoon is a shocker: if you need to have so much text then it’s no longer a picture that makes a point but a little editorial headline with a picture: a picture that is not worth a thousand words.

The saddest thing is to see a once great cartoonist Tom Scott, who was a brilliant critic of Muldoon especially, now reduced to a caricature of himself. I can’t remember a cartoon critical of the present government’s policies.

I still do the Five Minute Quiz, which has always been an excellent smoko room quiz – most people know at least one answer, nobody knows them all.
Everything else is mostly rubbish now. Perhaps they should print the entire thing in Te Reo and have done with it.

Dead right about the appalling cartoons.

Journalism standards? An oxymoron these days.
Groundswell Protest reporting 21 Nov 22
Thousands turned out in Auckland, Queen St lined with supporters cars, utes, tractors including many on the footpaths.
Biggest protest turnout since the Radio Hauraki March in the 1960’s?
TVNZ centered on 20 Climate change protesters in Wellington breaking the law and impeding traffic.
On the same news, TVNZ gave the same amount of coverage to 200 protesters in Portland, Oregon about a court case that occurred 2000 miles from Oregon and had absolutely no NZ interest to be shown as news..
Of course this had nothing to do with the huge amount of taxpayers money being spent on TV advertising by this government.
TVNZ certainly isn’t biting the hands that feed it, more like licking

We’ll said Bob & others , pity most don’t have the guts to support this shift in sentiment publicly in numbers given we all think it as apposed to this naive reporting sector labelling everyone with the racist or anti vax badge amongst other things they conjure up to suit as that old chestnut has lost any form of credibility now and well falls on deaf ears .

I was told recently most journalists are 30 odd & under give or take a bit , it’s a pity you can’t ‘put and old head on young ‘WOKE’ shoulders’ as they’ll now sink most of these publications given the skewed & very selective reporting we are seeing so not hard to see why these so called reporters now are observing push back and it looks like it will deteriorate considerably more I suspect before all if this comes to a head in time.

Pretty much most people I know have a policy of turning this and radio etc off now and have done so for the last year, it’s the most refreshing thing I’ve ever done and would encourage the practice as it will give rise to a new more accurate style of reporting in language universally used and accepted, that includes RNZ, most of us no longer trust any of this form of media and are completely over listening to the skewed diatribe and language conversion attempt we are hearing shrouded also in COVID reporting to divert our attention from what’s really happening which is equally as misleading seems to be the general sentiment.
Just an observation should one be allowed to express it , in english .

Peter Andrew Cameron Beveridge November 23, 2021 at 6:29 am

When the DP goes which of the other Mastheads in the Stuff stable will disappear too??

The Press, Waikato Times???

It’s nothing more than a Government spokesman now… Hence the two “opinion” articles in today’s edition speaking out about how wonderful Three Waters is. One from a “journalist” whom I’ve never heard of before.

It won’t get better. Sorry. The privately funded, whether by subscription(Patreon etc) or corporate (Bill “He’s dead” Gates, the Pravda fund etc, is the way of the future. Consumers will have to find journos they like to follow. Which means ultimately self censoring will get worse. It’s a lot easier to read everything in the paper than to click on links that don’t fit our own narratives..

That cartoon caricature is hopelessly inaccurate. It has 22////2021 on ti. But yesterdays media showed her attending various activities and also communicating with some international tennis body.

It is an insult to cartoonists to call their drawings cartoons.

not even fit for wrapping yer fish and chips in…

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