Whether the centralisation of water supply has merit, I cannot comment. However, announcement of the “working committee” to investigate the management of this is yet another nail in the government’s coffin. Why? Because it comprises three Labour mayors and nine maori “representatives”, maoris as we know having special talents in this field along with everything else.

Journalists had fun mocking the recent Covid vaccine protesters. I did it myself. But, talk to anyone across the land, and I do frequently, who deal with the public, such as gym owners, shop-keepers, GPs and so on and all report a seething anger at the government’s oppressively dictatorial behaviour. The past 15 months inability of Kiwi’s to come home from abroad despite being vaccinated and happy to do a week at home, the absurdity of the South Island semi-lockdown, the PM’s hogging of television until the tide turned, then hiding out for three months under the radar in Wellington, and much, much more.

But over-riding everything is the racial divide the government has brought about by its relentless promotion of maori favouritism.

I’ve said it before. I will accommodate all comers on wagers that the government is heading for a landslide defeat in the next election. The mood of the nation is 1983 all over again.

The roots of Jacindamania lay with her hands-on dealing with the Christchurch mosque massacre and thereafter she assumed Second Coming status. It always staggered me in its irrationality, but note this, it’s happened before.

Go back to the 2001 New York twin towers destruction, an event so momentous, both in itself visually, and then the appalling misjudged American reaction costing well over a million lives and we’ve seen Jacindamania before, following an earth-shattering event.

That was almost immediately, the world-wide deification of New York’s mayor Rudi Guiliani.

At the time I was bewildered. Just as with the mosque murder and Jacinda there was not a single thing Giuliani did, or indeed could have done or said, regarding the destruction to justify this adulation but nevertheless it got right out of hand. There were calls in Britain to award him an honorary knight-hood and so on.

Well, look at him now. He’s a ludicrous figure of ridicule, likely facing serious criminal charges and banned from practicing law in New York. In financial desperation he’s currently prostituting himself offering video endorsements for a fee to all takers, be it for a Hawera plumbing outfit or whatever.

It’s a reality that in times of crisis the public seize on the nation’s leader and deify him or her.

It happened to Churchill with the war yet not long after his government was voted out of office.

Always a good analyst of human behaviour, Churchill knew his hero status was nonsense and once said, “A Liverpool housewife could have done what I did” and he was right.

Religious belief, ludicrous though it is, displays similar characteristics and rests entirely on the emotional need by the masses for the perception of a powerful entity with everything under control.


Seriously contemplating taking you up on that bet Sir Robert.
Win win for me, if you win no more Labour for a minimum of three years, if I win I take money from Sir Robert Jones.

Like You I talk to many people during the day. I concur with your assessment of the resentment out there and hope that you are right about 2023 but ….. The current labour government has hit upon a plan to divide New Zealand but foster a support base amongst beneficiaries, public servants and many if not most maori. They are banking on that supprt base being enough, along with the diehard labourites and foolish greenies, to maintain the gravy train that winston started them on in 2017.

I hope I am wromg but every day I see a large bunch of masked up numpties, out in the streets or alone in their cars, which gives me some cause for concern.

So much depends on national getting is act together. No pun intended.

National would be wise to have a female deputy, and deliver a consistent message.

The reason for the water reform is growth councils are broke. Their balance sheets been driven to bankruptcy in the same way as central government. Kicking the can down the road on hard decisions to keep their jobs, but also central government palming off some of the costs to the local ratepayers; as an indirect tax

Until we address the scale of profits being exported and regulate monopoly behavior nothing will change.

    Surely growth Councils need to increase their income then to pay for growing infrastructure. Maybe an economy our size can’t afford pristine drinking water for all plus healthcare and free education and law and order plus saving the planet for all without ultimately being owned by a foreign government sorry I forgot a defense budget. We may need to prioritise, I live on tank water we have enough rain and a 10000 litre tank cost about 2 grand. If I couldn’t do that I would get my drinking water down the road.
    I suspect this is mainly about control of the people rather than their three waters.

    @Good Sam… Councils always seem to have plenty of funds for vanity projects.

Personally I doubt she will be around in a year; retired and off to the UN. Grant Robertson can be the “Bill Rowling” patsy who loses.

If we had FFP I would agree that JA would be on the way out. With MMP I am far from sure. She is retaining a fair core of support and with the Greens and Māori Party could well cobble together a coalition post election. Would $50 tempt you?

Bob is 100% I keep saying, “History always repeats itself” The looney left are driven by hand outs
and envy. The parasites cannot stand the thought of hard work..nor do they even grasp the human endeavour of risk and reward.. What a mediocre lot they are. I would also say the loony Greenies are doomed. We have so many lazy pie in the sky unproductive citizens who are very thick indeed.
Immediate gratification is the only thing that keeps them breathing..This government has well and truly “Shot itself in the foot” They are useless. Roll on 2023.

    Agree , but the one issue that Bob has overlooked is the shambles that is the National Party. Every time the poles start closing the gap, National shoot themselves in the foot. The worst opposition in living memory. Thankfully David Seymour is at least flying the flag for the many.

Judging by the circa 15% of anti vaxers, one can assume they are also anti the “current” government; what portion of the remaining 85% are Jacindaphiles or greenie sandal wearers ?? Can National garner enough support from the Act and NZ First voters, one does hope so. Jacinda will not care either way as Auntie Helen will be working the corridors of the UN or WHO and a job offshore will soon be beckoning

I didn’t vote for Jacindamania last election and I certainly will not the next. As far as I am concerned the present Nanny State will be history. Hopefully motivated, self-determining, hard-working political nobles will rise up and defeat the plethora of favoured hand-outs and ludicrous monetary decisions that our progeny will have to pay for in the future. Perhaps Jacindamanians, knowing this, are going for broke before the ground-swell of common sense public opinion swallows them up.

Jacinda’s star is increasingly tarnished as her opus , the reaction to the Covid virus , is increasingly seen by the public as a failure … MIQ is an onerous waste of time , a lottery … lack of saliva testing … the idiotic ” traffic lights ” system …. the ineffectiveness of QR codes …. mandates …. Iwi manned roadblocks …. one abject disaster after another … score 1 for the virus , 0 for Ardern …

I’ll put up $50 Ben, ex National press sec to press sec. BJ is right, there’s been a huge shift in middle NZ. They’ll quietly vote then out polling day 2023 and Luxon (no T) will add some icing.

I’m right, cos I did a classics degree (something BJ rates) which is really a long haul study of politics.

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