In an interview with a Dom-Post journalist, the newly arrived American ambassador Tom Udall revealed the startling news that President Biden “really believes that America is a Pacific nation”.

I’m pleased to hear it, more so given America has by far the longest Pacific coast-line than any of the many dozens of Pacific nations and even excluding Hawaii its Pacific coast-line is twice as long as the second longest, namely Chile’s.

I shall await further startling revelations from Tom re the President’s beliefs. To help him along, here’s some suggestions.

President Biden really believes that night follows day, that the earth revolves around the sun, that Belgium is a European nation and to spice it up a bit, that Pigmies tend towards shortness when compared with Swedes.


Ive generally found Swedes to be very short and round. Not bad roasted with a little garlic and oil. Ive not tried Pigmies but I suspect they are harder to get in the pan.

Biden doesn’t believe in anything during 50 years of public life; he believes in what ‘you’ believe if you are either one of his donors or an undecided voter. This is the same Joe Biden, who one day in 1979 voted for an anti-tobacco measure in the Senate (to appease undecided voters), then voted for a pro tobacco industry measure less than an hour later (because they had donated money to him)…..that’s Biden!

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