After their record 1991 20% subscriber collapse, thanks solely to their mid-year preposterous maori wonderfulness six pages of arrant nonsense supplement, Stuff have tried to recover by running balanced and even favourable comment about the National Party. But they’re devious buggers and certainly don’t fool me.

Take their regular right wing columnist Ben Thomas. He writes very intelligently, so to off-set any favourable impact the cunning Stuff mob have come up with a devious plan to neutralise any favourable reader reaction.

Specifically, they run Ben’s photo with his contribution. It’s not his fault that he resembles a depraved mass murderer but it’s deeply unhelpful to his advocacy.


Even posing to match the pic. Bit odd really.

Oh dear, I see what Sir Robert means, an ‘up snout’ photo to boot 🙂

Dompost is total limp wristed left wing drivel

He looks like Rick Harrison from Pawn Stars! haha!

Similar modus operandi to the dairy cow picture published with the “Nitrates kill 40 …. ” headline in the Press recently

Many a true word…

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