Just another fortnight before the newspaper silly season starts. Long suffering Herald readers enduring huge withdrawal symptoms can finally gain some peace, as in line with tradition, the paper gives “The Tragic life and death of Sonny Fai” another run.

This absurd non-story was first created in 2009 and ever since The Herald have periodically re-run it as a filler on low news days.

Hopefully we will see it again in January to keep us all sated for a few months.


Or you can play “scorcher” bingo, which involves taking a shot of your favourite liquor every time the media uses a headline with the word “scorcher” in it (despite the weather being only in the mid to upper 20s, or low 30s). A game that will make you drunk most days.

Even worse will be the endless “Jacinda’s Wedding” twaddle designed to distract people from the skyrocketing cost of living; all directed by the PMs media department on the 9th floor and obediently carried out by the media. Orwellian doesn’t begin to describe it.

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