Why was Dawei Zhuang charged in a Palmerston North court with “careless driving causing death” (of a motor-cyclist)? Obviously it’s been a traumatic two and a half years for Zhuang facing a prison sentence as he awaited his trial.

Yet the undisputed and overwhelming evidence clearly showed the motor-cyclist was solely responsible for his demise and the Judge quickly threw the case out.

So I ask again, why was Zhuang made to endure the emotional consequences of this charge for two and a half years hanging over him? This was an appalling misjudgment by the Police in pursuing this matter to trial.


Welcome to New Zealand today folks. Facts, the law, right and wrong; all are irrelevant. Now it is all about what you look like or who you are. The rule of law is basically dead.

This is not uncommon. A family member had a similar experience, not causing death though, and the Police seem hell bent on convicting the car driver in spite of the overwhelming evidence that the rider was a fault.

Is there a trend here?

Why do the police suffer no consequences for making bad decisions that harm others and cost taxpayers a lot of money?

A cruel, inhuman, unprofessional course of action by police leaders which could only have worsened the reputation of the police

Put it down to either an abuse of power and inexperienced policing.

I was involved in a motor accident last week, where a woman failed to give way and turned into me while I was trying to avoid her. Unfortunately it wasnt a good enough job to write the vehicle off, so basically a real pain in the ass around this time of the year. Maybe, I should have tried not to avoid her, and made a real job of it.

Anyway, someone else phoned the police, who should have been 5 minutes drive away based on the accident location. After waiting 20 minutes, I was wondering where they were only to be told they wont be attending. With two cars in the middle of the road going nowhere, I made the phone call myself.

It took them an hour after the accident to arrive. Apparently they are way under resourced; partly due to a big chuck being tied up with covid check points. Understandably with no injuries, their priorities are domestic violence.

Why this government doesnt delegate the covid check points to the army; just like MIQ, god only knows? Why mainstream journalists or for that matter the other political parties havent alluded to his is worrying.

Just another example of a deteriorating democracy, run by a pack of bullshit artists.

    It’s not inexperienced policing. It’s either hubrus on the part of the officer (I have first hand experience of that) or for stats.

    If a matter goes to trial/hearing, 98% will go the way of the police because of the uniform.

By bringing a prosecution it lowers the percentage of maori charged.

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