There’s a bloke in Christchurch called Phil Mauger who wants to be mayor.

I don’t like his chances. I say that as recently he made the news for spending $150,000 on a hydrogen-powered vehicle only to discover there’s no facility that can fuel it.

Imagine letting Phil loose with the Council funds.

I can see him building a special cage and establishing a staffed unit to catch escaped crocodiles, should they ever eventuate. Or perhaps a landing station for UFOs. The mind boggles at the potential for such decisions.

Every wide boy in the world would descend on Christchurch to sell him (very cheap) Sydney Harbour Bridge, or an authentic pair of Moses’ underpants for the museum, all at ratepayers expense.


Any relation to one of Christchurch’s most famous son’s Ivan Mauger ?

What would be even more astonishing is if Mr Mauger received more than about 5 votes! What a fool he clearly is; not so much a case of “a fool and his money are easily parted” as “how did this fool and his money get together in the first place?”

I see it the other way. He’s a visionary. Hydrogen power is the future… More so than EVs and all the mining required to make their ten year batteries. When, not if, hydrogen comes he will be ahead of the pack and he will have the cheapest car in town.

If it fails he will have a very rare collectors item.

Brilliant! and a better transport investment than any other mayor has made… And not a cent if ratepayers money was in used

He is a very good local Councillor who jumps in and gets stuff done… he has previously hit the headlines for single handedly draining permanently flooded residential streets and footpaths without official council permission, driving his own machinery at his own cost after the Council had totally failed to do anything about it for the long suffering families and citizens for several years.

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