Water Safety New Zealand issued a media release just before Christmas saying too many Kiwis are drowning. But they failed to advise the desired number to justify their “too many” claim.

Instead their additional info’ suggested that far from too many, there’s scope for a great deal more.

I say that as they stated that most drownees are male and in particular Asian, Maori and Pacifica men fishing.

So if women pulled their weight and instead of lolling about sun-bathing, got into the water occasionally, we could boost the circa 100 drownings annual figure to a couple of hundred.

But the question still remains, what is the desired number of drownings to satisfy the Water Safety outfit?


A health inspector came into my butcher’s shop one day and said, “ You’ve got too many flys in here!” I said, “How many can I have?”.

SBJ, you’re a shocker.
Still chuckling over here in Taupo.
By the way, Im watching dipstick jetskiers engage it what must be the most pointless, noisy, annoying,dangerous activity possible on water.
And yes, way too few women putting in their fair share of mindless speeding to and fro.
I’ll speak to the wife and see if I can get her interested in it.

No surprise when our lifeguards are almost entirely volunteers with inferior equipment to our compatriots in Australia.

I wonder how many lifeguards are unable work because they are not vaccinated?

Glad to see you back in print sir Bob. I’ve felt concern for your wellbeing.

Quite right Sir Robert – all the odious “Karen” women should head for the nearest rip at the beach…..

I can imagine the victims’ final words as the lifeguards reach them…
“Can I see your Vaccine Passport?”

Well certainly not zero, because that would threaten their business model.

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