Regrettably it’s fashionable in New Zealand to mock Bishop Tamaki, but throughout history that’s always been the case with great men who bucked excessive authoritarianism. Who knows? Possibly future generations may include His Grace’s name in the annals of noble martyrs who sacrificed their lives for their principles, such as Thomas a Becket, Joan of Arc, Thomas Cranmer, Ghandi and numerous others.

The above named were all duly executed, in the case of Joan and Cranmer, burnt at the stake. Others such as Saint Stephen, were stoned to death, a practice still thoroughly enjoyed by Islamic extremists. Such macabre fates seem to be a pre-requisite for historic recognition so Bishop Tamaki should give this some thought if he values post-humous martyrdom acknowledgement. Probably he may wish to organise his own demise. Burning at the stake has the advantage of a few minutes spectacle value, unlike say the immediacy of hanging. But perhaps the best option is that of the ancient Romans nailing buggers to a cross. It’s easy to organise and provides a decent few hours spectator value before the victim succumbs. On the other hand perhaps His Grace views that as old hat and (forgive the pun) done to death, notwithstanding the potential to add his personal touch of fat followers rendering endless hakas during his nailed-to-the-cross act of martyrdom. Then again, that too is excruciatingly over-cooked, to the huge annoyance of the ever suffering wider public. However, here’s a suggestion for His Grace to show a creative side.

Given that the press photos reveal his supporters are mostly grossly obese, His Grace could lie at the bottom of a see-through glass container and half a dozen of his followers then lie on top of him. There could be 20 minutes of excellent spectator viewing in this innovative slow crushing to death demise method before he finally succumbs. Best of all, the proceeds from tiered seating sales to spectators offers the added bonus of a sizeable pay-off. His Grace should give this some thought. Hopefully, he will find these well-intended proposals helpful.


Ffs, crazy clown that he is, at least he’s saying something Bob.

Christina & Ramon Humphreys January 26, 2022 at 10:34 am

His treatment is shocking his intentions are honorable protesting against this Marxist authoritarian system that is squeezing the life out of us all and still some Kiwis are sleeping through it all, but often they are the ones that bag the likes of Tamaki for trying to actively do something! Somehow this picture is wrong here he is in jail , but ‘hers truly’ pays the Gangs 2.75 mill to do what ever and buy more guns and terrorize kiwis! Also was it 6 mill to Hone Harawira to stop his road blocks! So the good guy gets put in jail and the criminals roam free!
Something wrong with this picture!

Good on him. Detest this marxist rable.

The man is disingenuous. What is important to him is to nurture and maintain his sizeable following.. which is the source of his income. Giving his followers an honourable purpose and making them feel important is his real reason for his protesting.

Have to agree with the Humphries every word. To me support of the million dollar “causes” is buying servitude and protection. To think that it is thought that their is a need for this in New Zealand is in itself worrying. Another step to buying, socialism to communism.

I can’t help but laugh at the Monty Pythonesque qualities of Tamaki and his followers . Except that in the riotous movie ” Life of Brian ” , the protagonist is repeatedly distancing himself from his notoriety and followers , exactly the polar opposite of our self styled Bishop Brian .How fitting would it be if a camera crew sought out Tamaki’s elderly mum , and she barked at them ” he’s not the messiah , he’s just a naughty boy … now bugger off ! “

Agreed, but hasn’t he & his church, for all their numerous faults, produced one of the few organisations which has actually changed many Maori men into employed, tax-paying, family focussed (and present) fathers and husbands ?
Those are not baby steps, regardless of black t shirts et al.
There is societal benefit, in contrast to the Gloriavale Community employment practices being currently exposed in the Christchurch Court.

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