The rabble who have tied up the capital’s CBD with their vehicles this week, then stood on Parliament ground bellowing, as evident from the TV and newspaper photos, lie at the retarded end of the IQ spectrum.

Their protest messages were confused, some essentially asserting they know better than the world’s top scientists, others open conspiracy theorists, this the long-standing domain of the super dumb, while still others bitched about non-covid matters.

Rightly, not a single MP paid attention but still these losers pointlessly bellowed and bawled, yet further testimony of their low intellect.

Let’s say it again. No-one is forcing them to be vaccinated. The government measure they dislike simply deny them the right to infect their intellectual superiors.

If they lived in Austria they’d be forcibly vaccinated and Germany is considering a similar measure. Italy has made it compulsory for the over 50s and Greece is considering copying this. More telling, Singapore is charging the unvaccinated for their hospital and medical costs given “they comprise the majority of covid intensive in-patient care and disproportionately contribute to the strain on our healthcare resources”, so said a government spokesman.

The British Office for National Statistics revealed recently that among the most at risk over 50s, the national rate for booster take-up is 75%.

But, it’s 42% for ethnic Pakistanis, 44% for black Caribbeans, and 45% for black Africans. These same three groups as I explained this week are also the lowest income, less educated and most likely to be in prison. That’s NOT racism, just the facts which reflect cultural differences.

Despite the British statistics office finding that the covid death rate was 96% lower for the vaccinated than the unvaccinated, while the unvaccinated are 8 times more likely to require intensive care treatment than the vaccinated with covid, and so on and so on, across the world a vociferous  anti-vax minority of half-wits continue to protest at limitations on their movements and demand the right to infect others. The contempt they received from our MPs was 100% appropriate.

NOTE Good God; I thought he’d done the decent thing and retreated to a monastery or whatever, but consistent as always in reading the public mood wrongly, Rodney Hide emerged and let it be known he supports the protesters because he “believes in freedom”. Words fail me.


Bob, other than catching the virus and dieing, how do the unvaxxed effect me or anybody else? Vaxxed can pass it on just as much as unvaxxed. Let to them be free in thier imminent death. Sure the may fill up ICU, but I doubt it as I think they will cower at home scared shitless.

I thought a vaccine was mean’t to provide you with immunity from the disease, these “vaccines” clearly don’t.

Those statistics are for Delta I believe not Omicron. Clearly the jab efficacy wains quickly or you wouldn’t need boosting.

If you do the math on the currently daily cases among over12’s in NZ, vaccinated people are more likely to get Omicron than unvaccinated. Hospital admissions are approx. 50/50. There are biases in the data however on both sides of the equation.

My prediction is we will see some Countries stop recommending the jabs for healthy people soon if not completely stop them.

I don’t always agree with Sir Bob, I certainly do here. The trucks should have been towed away as they are blocking an access to the motorway. If they get injured or worse still, Covid, because of their not using masks, no treatment until they pay up front for the treatment they refute.

I think they should water the grass in front of parliament at 2am, and of course this should be done with fire hydrants. I wonder how many sickness beneficiaries and unemployment welfare beneficiaries are taking part – if they can protest they can work. And finally, if, as reported, there are children there then Oranga Tamariki should be there checking on the safety and welfare of said children.

Good rant Sir Bob

Yep. Nobody is being forced to get vaccinated directly. Hence the political ploy of the Mandates which punish people directly(no job) or indirectly(no access) to many places. Including some medical facilities.

Getting jabbed seems to be personal protection, it is not a public health issue apparently

As usual I enjoy your comments Sir Bob they do make me laugh, some for their obvious wit, some from the nature of their outrageousness, like this one

Keep up the Good work


A couple more vaccine facts:
Trump was vilified in the MSN for suggesting vaccines would be available by the end of 2020 (May 2020)
JA confirmed there would be no penalties for those who opted out of vaccination (September 2020)
I suffix this with the obligatory ‘I’m not anti-vax’ (I’m double jabbed and boosted) but feel that, in effectively mandating a medical intervention, we have crossed a Rubicon from which we may never return. I suspect a similar proportion of us would have vax’d anyway, without mandates, and with less suspicion and animosity at the fringes.


I think you are way off the mark on this post. The protest is not anti-vacc it is anti-mandate and anti-passport. If you believe in a free society and according to the Bill of Rightsthese are peoples choices.There are many ways that people can be protected from this virus other than mandates & passports. Vaccinations and a booster being the best according to the scientists, however even that only mitigates the severity of the disease. To withhold peoples livelhoods and force us to show documentaton in enclosed spaces (restaurants etc) under the controlling government we currently have is a step too far. Have you been in a restaurant in recent times ? They check you vaccination passport – without checking your ID & 90% of the time not scanning the Q code. Then you are allowed to sit down & remove your mask. Obviously Omicron won’t attack seated people!!! I know unvaccinated people who have passorts from vaccinated people that they produce.

You have denigrated the intelligence of the protestors without knowing them or their beliefs and no doubt in some cases you are correct in that they are “rent a mob”. Some protestors maybe not be vaccinated & not masked, that is at their risk. Less so for people who are triple-vacced like myself. However Rodney Hide made some very good points in his article about the comparison between this and Ihumātao and the way the government dealt with this along with the freedoms they have announced they will be taking away & giving control of to Maori with the new Health Authority, 3 Water, He Pua Pua & who knows what else. This in my view is justification for an uprising of protest. If nobody does anything it will be too late. You have criticised Winston Peters however in my view he is the only politcian that is seeing this issue for what it is. (I am not a supporter of his but will be the way things are progressing with Luxon & Seymour wimping out & following the government’s controlling “we know best line”.)

Not much evidence they are more likely to infect others with Omicron. Just more likely to succumb badly once infected. The rest of us are very likely to get it despite vaccination. Better to get it in summer than winter too.

Given the above, those with low risk from Omicron (health, age factors) might well challenge the vaccine mandate since they pose little or no added risk to themselves or others. Why should they not be supported?

I’m just not with you on this one Sir Bob

Omicron is a qualitatively different beasty to previous strains: It doesn’t get into the lungs, it’s only about as lethal a as a normal flu – Australian data proves that even though everyone is going to be infected on average you still have about 50x more likelihood of dying of something other than Omicron this year. Hospitals do not get overwhelmed with patients and the vaccine is not very effective at preventing infection, only at reducing severity.

As such (and speaking as someone who cheerfully got vaccinated in the days of delta) vaccine mandates are no longer sensible as a ton of people can fairly judge that the uncertainty surrounding their dangers (USA insurance industry reporting unexplained not-covid +40% excess deaths in working age Americans last year and in NZ there were an unexplained 2000 more excess deaths in April-September ’21 during the vaccine program than there were in April-September ’20 – see for yourself on Our World In Data) and miniscule risk from omicron makes vaccination and boosters a bad bet.

With the huge reduction in risk that Omicron presents all rules and regs aimed at abating Omicron should be immediately shoved in the bin. The miniscule benefit they might deliver is not worth a skerrick of the on-going economic and social damage they are doing. The time to hit the reset button, open the borders, throw away the masks and return to normal is right now. Make sure your vitamin D levels are good, get a booster if you wish (sensible for high risk groups), and otherwise get on with your life.

Hi Bob, although I enjoy your comments and find most extremely witty and forthright I am afraid that I disagree with what you state in this commentary. If you take 15 minutes of your busy life and watch the attached You Tube piece on a hearing rum by a US Senator about the adverse effects that the vaccine is causing perhaps then you may have a bit more empathy.

SRJ neatly sums up the exasperation and weariness many of us feel at having to still listen to the whining of the anti-vax brigade. Many of these people behave as though the pandemic is a giant con-job produced by some great ethereal “they” with the sole purpose of taking control of said saddo’s life.
Let me clarify that for you Jonny Truck Driver. If you are driving trucks for a living that battle was lost years ago.

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