When I read of the Peace Pact between China and the Solomon Islands my heart went out to the millions of mainland Chinese citizens who could now breathe a sigh of relief, the threat of a Solomons Islands invasion of China having been thwarted.

Like so many New Zealand Prime Ministerial precedents, aware of their looming political demise, Jacinda has resorted to international photo opportunity posturing with endless political leaders, to hopefully impress the peasantry back home. It never works though, as once the political tide starts ebbing, no amount of Queen Canuting can stop it as the Jacindamania phenomenon is now well and truly over.

Jacinda’s reaction to the Solomon Islands-Chinese treaty was hand-wringingly platitudinous of unspecified concern. Having implicitly agreed not to invade China perhaps she worried they might now turn on New Zealand. Should they invade and foolishly do so first in Auckland, given the daily horror accounts from the Queen city, the poor buggers will all be stabbed to death. Best they re-think an attack and have a crack at Canada.


38 1/2 years ago I joined a radical political party that wanted to stop buying killing machines, and devote the entire defence budget to civil defence. Remember; that was the height of the Cold War. Thankfully that Party’s finance policy was instituted in the following few years. Unfortunately that Party’s defence policy was not followed.

Sir Bob
Great to have you back on deck. Looking forward to your comments on the M15/FBI China threat!

With vast numbers of maori/trace maori in the services and great emphasis there on cultural twaddle, we will be able to repel any invaders with relays of massed haka.

The military industrial complex is one of the biggest businesses in the world, largely controlled by the few so the charge what they like.

Here in lies (pun intended) the main reason why you continue to have development of this nature. They have to keep business going somehow, whatever the cost to wider society.

I was once told jokingly by a Maori friend that I would qualify for a Maori loan by the colour of my skin.

Welcome back Sir Bob
You are so right about the Nanny state. Under MMP we would have got the New Zealand Party as a force to
be reckoned with and kept this rabble out. All the best .

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