In recent weeks The New Zealand Herald has run advertising displays promoting the use of its classified advertising categories. Specifically it lists “In Memoriam,” “Engagements,” “Anniversary,” “Weddings,”  “Birthdays,” “Acknowledgements” and a mysterious one I’ll come to.

First however, it baffles me why New Zealanders feel the need to tell the wider world of their private lives, such as weddings, engagements, etc as surely their friends already know of these events.

On the other hand, using the Deaths column is explicable. The “In Memoriam” is to the best of my knowledge peculiar to this country in which people publish unbelievably embarrassing mushy letters addressed to someone who died years back. The general tenor is to outline how much they’re missed and how they’ll inevitably be together again. If they felt that strongly surely they’d top themselves and get on with this fictional catch-up aspiration.

The mystery new one the Herald’s promoting but don’t explain is called “Unveiling.” What events could this possibly be targeting?

It can’t be at nuns suddenly seeing the light and giving up superstition as there’s scarcely any left now anyway. What therefore might we expect? Perhaps, “Robert Wilson of Blythe Street, Te Kuiti wishes to advise he has changed sex and henceforth her name is Roberta,” or, “Margaret Smith of Remuera wishes to advise that from next Sunday she intends becoming a full-time nudist and will formally strip in Cornwall Park at 2pm. All welcome for the unveiling.”

To date the Herald has elicited no unveiling advertising takers so I remain in suspense. In the interim, readers’ suggestions as to the targeted unveiling market are welcome.


I expect with your usual aplomb you are taking the Mickey about what an Unveiling is. In case you are not, it something unique to our Early Settler partners probably instilled in them by colonizing Christian Missionaries much to our eternal regret along with the karakia, requests for koha and a few other cultural anomalies.

Mmmm, having a thirty something daughter with lots of pregnant friends, unfortunately I know what this is, namely unveiling the sex of the upcoming child…though nowadays this must be a tricky event to go to as there are now up to 6 different sets one could announce!

I know Margaret. Worth seeing- arrive early.

Dave on the travels July 20, 2022 at 10:47 am

I wish to unveil that we have a baby on the way, and its going to be a BOY!
Its so exciting, my sister always wanted another boy in the family.

I spat my coffee out. Gold

Speaking of announcements. I would like to see a notice announcing the passing of the said Herald.

In the good ol’ days it was a common practice to “unveil” the headstone on a grave, generally about 12 months after the demise of the grave’s occupant.

Unveiling is another dreadful inheritance from the current government. All it means is an announcement of an announcement. Enjoy the madness!

I have always thought that an “Unveiling” refers to the ceremony where one invites family and friends around to view the new headstone that has been placed on the grave of someone who has been recently buried. It is the headstone that is unveiled. Hence the advert is placed amongst Births and Deaths.

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