Below, an extract from a letter just in from a female maori university academic friend.

“Re the situation in New Zealand. It’s ridiculous. What I’m finding is the average maori in the street couldn’t give a rat’s arse about half the stuff the maori elite are pushing, and anyone with half a brain knows none of it will make a blind bit of difference to anyone. Those who promote all this nonsense are benefitting from it enormously though, so they’re not wanting any of it (including so-called racism) to end anytime soon.”

Never a truer word! As I first wrote a year ago, the government will lose in a landslide next year and the principal reason among the host of causes, is the anger across the land about the government’s racism.

If unwittingly, the government has done immense harm to race relations, which will be its main legacy.


The maori elite should be careful what they wish for because numerous times history has shown where it leads to.

Lessons from the collapse of the Habsburg Empire | Thomas Sowell

It’s ironic the way that the 70s lefties were so anti South African apartheid… But now are determined to have it in NZ

    When you start scratching into it, Apartheid was just another form of socialism which relied on a subjugated working class and an economically trapped middle class. I really don’t think it’s much better now, primary difference is that the elite are now the same colour as the people they’re subjugating.

Stop on…

unfortunately this BS that’s being advocated sells media and the advertising space that keeps it alive

In addition, it’s a distraction from the main event of both social and financial meltdown of western society; brought on by the neo liberal experiment that has seen a massive redistribution of wealth at the expense of everything else..

Sorry, but you cannot possibly think that any of that is happening unwittingly. They have about 100 Leftie-PR employees plotting this nonsense flat out. All paid by taxpayers!

I don’t understand what all these rallies and demonstrations are supposed to achieve then. I think that certain people have seen what is happening overseas, USA and other countries having their capitol buildings and rulers residences invaded, and they just want a rebellious piece of the action. Maybe it’s a new international anarchist sport? Today the motorway, tomorrow the world! I hope they enjoy their few minutes on the TV, and any charges and legal actions that ensue, but it’s not the way to get things done. There are more adult ways to deal with gripes.

And their downfall!

Govt racism perhaps driven by the belief of academics that every problem can be improved by digging deeply into it (which coincidentally justifies the academics job).

The WWI returned servicemen refused to say anything about life in the trenches, they blotted it out as best they could and moved on. Similarly WW2 with their harrowing experiences. Who is to say this was the wrong approach? The academics say so, “They should have had counselling to relive their experiences in full.”

Youth suicide is endlessly debated and even advertised… and kept top of mind for any teenager suffering the common delusions of their age. So it increases, like anything else measured, debated and advertised.

All the leaders’ mokus showed up 2015+

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