It’s outrageous taxpayers should fund the New Zealand branch of the Royal Society.

Have a look at its web-site and in particular the 41 staff photos. They share a common factor namely they’re all bloody ugly, although one described as a media advisor, once you’ve read past the maori babble preceding their names and background, I concede was quite pretty. However, further investigation and it turned out he was a bloke.

Below is a list of the $158 million this lot squandered on your behalf over the last two years for “research.” It’s bloody unbelievable.

“Here is a selection:

– $660,000 Religious and Moral Fictionalism in indigenous groups

– $523,000 to investigate the world of Maori Body Adornment

– $845,000 to research last known Māori sail

– $300,000 to prove it is “benevolently sexist” to believe that “men ought to protect and cherish women”

– $842,000 to find out why there aren’t many Asian people on New Zealand television or in cinema

– $842,000 Young New Zealanders’ Exposure and Responses to Sexual Harassment Media

– $842,000 to study ethnic women politicians in New Zealand

– $870,000 to “re-imagine anti-racism theory in the health sector”

– $300,000 The future of Māori academics in New Zealand universities

– $300,000 Growing old in an adopted land: Redefining ‘ageing well’ in the context of migration

– $660,000 Listening to the Voices of our Harbours: Kāwhia, Manukau and Whangarei

– $841,000 Languaculture within Te Ao maori

– $300,000 to examine the relationship between housing and security in Papua New Guinea

– $852,000 Investigate sleep loss in children

– $300,000 Exploration of Pasifika knowledge in mathematics

– $842,000 to investigate (Te whai) Maori string figures

– $300,000 to find out how religion affects inequality in Fiji

– $300,000 to examine how New Zealanders are using dating apps

– $870,000 to bring an Indigenous perspective to the SFD (Sport for Development)

– $300,000 Psychology of Pacific people

– $870,000 to find out whether multiculturalism harms indigenous people

– $300,000 Retracing the storylines of Pacific Women voyagers and navigators

– $870,000 Investigate pressures from climate change in Oceania

– $798,000 Nursery Crimes – does ornamental horticulture risk introducing invasive weeds.”


Unbelievable !

F…..en Hell!!

And you wonder why those smart enough to minimise their taxation liability from sane sensible endeavours do so when these bloody idiotic endeavours are funded by the taxpayers who unsurprisingly are gobsmacked by this bullshit

    yes well – assuming it’s true and not hugely exaggerated etc.
    Dont forget, we’re dealing withj Social Media, and using a well known identity is always the trick !!

Wholly holy moly Batman! Pull no punches

Absolutely outrageous. Symptomatic of what is going so horribly wrong in this country. Wasting public money with little or no accountability.

That is disgraceful

Not much research resulting in advancement in any of the listed projects. Abominable.

Beyond belief…this is New Zealands corruption. Public money disbursed to acolytes of the Cindy regime in order to both create the rasist narrative and make thousands dependant on govt money in order to protect this corrupt mob

At what point do you think the Serious Fraud Office will wake-up to the ability of such people to steal under the cover of research? This makes a mockery of NZ’s supposed corruption-free status. This is just one organisation. It’s a safe bet that those who know how are sharing their knowledge of just what can be pilfered from the taxpayer.

This country is buggered .. sinking like the Titanic

Jesus h christ!!!!!!

Thank you for exposing this lunancy

….surprised ?

Surprised at the the numbers that are surprised.

Truly awful and this government keeps paying.

How can workers unions support this insanity ?

Omg! Embarrassing to think I have a science background. Thankfully not this bulls… stuff

In fairness; the Labour Party wasted more money than that in the time it took me to read that post!!

These are all mostly Scientific Concepts Advancing Maori.
Acronym = S.C.A.M.

I would have done those same studies for half that. Just send me the money now and I’ll sort it out for next year.

That is one deep trough.

Are you sure this isn’t Sir Bob taking the Michael?? This can’t be for real… (and if it is, god help us all!)

And, being constructive, how do we stop this nonsense and put the money towards the betterment of the country? Like housing, child poverty, reducing the national debt, … I could go on with the many things that this government has failed to sort.

The answer to the question does ornamental horticulture risk introducing invasive weeds? is Yes.

We have long known this, and I suspect that there would be few botanists or horticulturalists in NZ who were unaware of the fact.

Two-thirds of environmental weeds in New Zealand have been deliberately introduced as ornamental plants.

    Thanks Maggy, btw did it take nearly $800000 for the bona fide botanists to establish this? I think they could have worked this out in couple minutes. Why don’t we have educated realistic people in positions of authority instead of these trough feeders?

Thank you Sir Bob. Saving a $100k or having capital of a million is a tremendously hard feat. $158m squandered in such fashion is breath taking. From first glance, I thought this article was going to be a poke at the royals. However, no ….just self serving pussies who I imagine have never been self employed or subject to ROI. This should be easy fodder for the opposition, why are we only hearing this from you Sir?

    Because it won’t end under National. Most of these types of Gov rorts are handed around by Politicians from all sides of the spectrum to certain fashionable friends. (Apologies for the split infinitive)

So…get it published, broadcasted, 60 Minutes or even Fair Go and in a lead up to elections or anything. What about asking the people who sit at the deity’s feet – interview the Finance minister & what about the opposition – it’s bigger news than been a pro-lifer, isn’t it?

Why am i paying to help the rescue helicopter, and having so much trouble getting health appointments and expertise.

The Fifth Column is clearly in place and been activated.

Finest robbery in years in the name of social science under a Royal Charter. Prince Charles would be delighted to bless the findings of such academic humbug.Wellington is like a large sow lying on its side with multiple tax payer funding nipples. Getting onto one is an art in itself.

Once again everybody grumbles and complains around the kitchen table,all to be forgotten by tomorrow,to again be self absorbed by the next display of government correct lunacy.yet once again nobody does anything to correct it .gutless newzealanders..

I think the ‘sleep deprivation in children’ valuable. However the ideological slant of the rest is obvious. I don’t have the time, but maybe you have some resources to investigate the research papers that are getting funding by our universities. My understanding is that those with a Maori or Pacifica perspective and from a maori or Pacifica submitter are heavily weighted for acceptance. It’s the way things are within all of our institutions now- like it or lump it or leave. Wasn’t there a story about immigrant nurses having to personally fund ( $11,000) indigenous training? Please correct me if I’m wrong on these.

Jacinda are you our Prime Minister ? Please explain

    “ your not getting an explination as I’m loved throughout the world as a crusader for social justice…just not in this silly country ”

    (… irony !… are we all just puch drunk…or stupid )

Hi Bob, I’m the pretty media advisor on the staff page 🤭 I just loved hearing what you thought of my face, and yes I’m on the market especially for someone as pretty as you! Call me sometime 😘

One report we will never see is the one about the million Kiwis actively thinking or acting on leaving NZ.

And another one is why Non-Maori members of the Labour Caucus are Turkeys voting for Christmas.

Holy Moly, where can I get some of this, what you doing about this Cindyrella, no doubts you know about it. The Mahoooota outfit on the like gravy train.

How many of those here commenting have done something about it….besides pound out your comment on the keyboard?….If you do not take a stand NOW… will be too late to stop this BS. APATHY IS THE ENEMY OF FREEDOM.

PleaeSir Bob,re assure us that this is all just your advanced humour at play.
Perhaps the Society could commission research into the cost of all the effort teaching and learning te reo, ditto maori related studies, maori advisory and consultancy, obstruction of innumerable projects, confusion and time wasted by maori words and names, costs of duplicate language signs and printing etc.
Perhaps another research category for societal cost of adoption of an ” imagine decolonisation” attitude by many maori, esp youth, gangs, etc and now extending to many maori in general, incurring extra costs to encourage vaccinatoin etc..


Blatantly unfair. Why do these special needs groups like Maori and LBGQ get funding and Flags and the IHC get B all

A new Zimbabwe in the making

Disgusting incompetence

holy moly!!!!!

Absolutely INSANE!!! And the fascist regime wonder why nobody wants to come to NZ anymore! All the ones with brains still awake are leaving in droves because this government has stuffed up the country big time!

Google: Is The Royal Society of NZ is funded by donations…. Report the answer back to me please.

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