Above is a Bob Brockie cartoon. A life-long leftie, Dr Brockie, now 90 is outraged by the Labour government’s maori nonsense.

As a scientist he publicly resigned from the Royal Society for its promoting of outrageous lies, this the opposite of its raison-d’être. He was also sacked by the Dominion-Post as their science columnist, for not towing the maori wonderfulness line.

One amusing tale re Bob relates to his doctorate which he obtained half a century back, in the process being constantly arrested.

He obtained it for his research on hedgehogs, which he did by lurking in household hedgerows bordering the Hutt golf-club in late evenings. This resulted in the residents constantly ringing the police. He overcame this by advising them in advance of his visits.

He was also the first scientist to discover the connection between possums carrying TB and passing it on to other species.

A life-long Labour voter he says he’ll be voting ACT next year. I doubt this is a conversion to the market economy but instead a respect for honesty and not myth-making.


A vote for ACT is a vote for common sense, honesty & hard work. No politician works harder than David Seymour to try & protect our democracy & the rights of all citizens. 30 percent of New Zealand residents were not born here, they have rights too!

    Unless of course you are a New Zealander who didn’t want a vaccination from Pfizer.

    The concern with ACT is more state asset sales to foreigners…They are bleeding us to death, and the politicians are doing nothing about it…..Some strategic assets should always stay in the hands of locals, to ensure any super profit of a dominate market position stays local…Sell it to our superfund if one has to..

    We need another Rob Muldoon; or someone of similar nature, to gang tackle these overseas bullies…

    In the past I voted for the New Zealand Party, and lost a couple of dozen beer to a university mate that thought he could buy a private island in the mediterranean, as banksters only could…he lost that bet, which cost him abit more than my beers…

I have a cunning plan.

Just as Andrew Little fell on his sword when Labour was polling so badly way back when, perhaps Jacinda can oversee the downwards slide in the numbers up until, say, May next year. She then anoints Nania with the leadership of the Labour Party (and Prime Ministership).

This will give the voting public time to get used to the full force of Labours Maori Wonderfulness vision before the election.

I’m picking Labour will lose all their electorate seats and squeak back into Parliament with 5.1% of the Party vote.

Their 3 List MPs can be gainfully employed attending to important Paliamentary business such as showing groups of visiting schoolchildren through the place.

Bob, you are a person who a lot of people have respect for & will listen to. Endorse ACT publicly….they may not be perfect but are the best hope we have to reverse the current political direction.

An excellent case for raising the minimum voting age to 90

30 percent ot the pop. Should Not have any right to Vote on anything until they have been a citizen for 18 Years.

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