Simon Bridges has complained about his new life in Auckland, or specifically an aspect of it. He claims that when he’s sitting in cafes or parks or whatever, he’s frequently targeted by flashers.

This behaviour of course, when directed at blokes, constitutes a blatant sexual overture by homosexuals.

Now even allowing for the new age thinking, albeit by a tiny but noisy minority, that homosexuality is a higher form of artistic endeavor to which we must all pay tribute, the fact remains that if directed at heterosexual men it would quickly see all of these flashers in prison. Accordingly, the flashers must be ultra careful as to whom they make these romantic overtures to.

Simon, like so many of his former National Party colleagues, is imbued in superstitious nonsense, specifically Christianity. His dad was a parson, thus he’s been subject to life-long indoctrination pertinent to this matter, namely as the bible says, homosexuality is wicked. This despite the Christian God always been portrayed bowling about in a gown and fond of tactile contacts with strangers, such as blessings etc.

What Simon must therefore ask himself is what is it about him that makes the flashers sense a fellow sympathiser. Has the life-long superstition indoctrination possibly had him suppress his true nature?

My advice to Simon is to greet the next flasher overture with a warm smile and let things progress from there. Only that will allow him to find out whether a life-long indoctrination has seen him crush his possible true nature.

Hopefully he will give this a crack and keep us informed of the outcome.


As my father used to say, you can take your homosexual and stick him up you ars*.

I’m picking misreporting of his comment by the media. Most likely Bridges was regularly accosted by seriously unhappy NZer’s/Taxpayers who still think Bridges is in parliament .

Why not have a bob each way and let God in?

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