A recent Listener feature article dealt with the attempts to create imitation meat with meaty flavours but composed entirely of vegetables.

Mentioned a few times re the advantages which would accrue (global warming, greater productivity etc) was “ending animal exploitation.”

That’s shallow thinking. The animals we eat only exist because we breed them to consume. If we stop eating them then the only sheep, pigs and cows which will exist will be a handful in zoos, which in any event can also be considered animal exploitation.

Lambs and calves spend their initial six months joyously gamboling and plainly happy. So too many fish species, kittens, puppies and humans; that is re the evident happiest time of their innocent lives.

So the option for them is six joyous months or no existence at all.

That’s not to confuse the issue with animal cruelty, notably with chicken and pig breeding practices which are disgraceful. So too the sale of live animals for export.


It’s also been pointed out that grazing animals are useful to keep grass in paddocks under control which would otherwise require mowing involving fossil fuel to prevent a fire risk in summer. The water usage statistics frequently quoted by environmentalists are also spurious as most livestock are on the equivalent of tank water that has been collected as it regularly falls from the sky.

Bob – With you right up to the last sentence. Live exports have been totally misrepresented by the Greens. There is no market in this country for our rotation herds. The alternative to exporting them for a second life, breeding or production is to shoot them and bury them in offal pits here.
The importance of live exports in the agricultural eco-system today is totally misunderstood. And it’s not barbaric, putting aside the odd rare sinking. Cruise ships have also sunk.

    Absolute nonsense Buzzo re offal pits. Old Dairy queens go into mcdonalds burgers, the hides are exported and the remains rendered for fish and chicken meal.

    You are dead wrong and like most people who have a vested interest in it, willing to be dishonest when it suits you. It’s barbaric and a disgrace. Shame on you.

The most nutritious way to eat plant material is to let some other animal eat it first, then you eat the animal.

Live animal exports are an appalling business. I voted for the Animal Justice party at the last election solely on their platform of ending this vile trade. The same with intensive pig farming which ought be long gone.

The ram which Wal’s dog forever coveted had enjoyed it’s life, certainly until it became onerous.

I once told some vegetarian that if everyone went vegetarian that would mean species Extinction. They seemed to think the cows and sheep would just roam free.


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