The global pandemic flushed up a seeming interesting reality.

At its height, television newsreaders all wore face-masks. I found that ludicrous as they were obviously well-clear of the camera crew, but perhaps that excessive caution reflected the then pervading fear of covid.

I don’t watch TVNZ news as like most New Zealanders I cannot speak maori, which I’m told it lapses into periodically. Thus my television news viewing comes from various international channels; Sky, CNN, Fox, the BBC and best of all, Al Jazeera.

But here’s the point. I was constantly startled by the beauty of the female news-readers and longed for the day when they would be unveiled so I could view their full facial beauty.

Well, that day duly arrived as everyone (outside of New Zealand) woke to a common-sense approach a year back and these seeming stunners were now unmasked. What a shock! For in many cases they were now revealed as rather plain.

The initial lesson from this; the most beautiful female feature lies with the eyes by a country mile.

But now I’m not so sure. Here’s why.

As far back as Jackie Kennedy, numerous female celebrities are invariably photographed wearing dark glasses. Through this covering of their eyes they acquire a mystique and seeming beauty, but again, once the shades are off they’re often revealed as rather plain.

So what can we conclude? The answer is obvious, namely the more women are covered up, the more sexually alluring they are.

All of this shows how we’ve been conned by the Muslims. In ordering women to wear burqas, far from being in the interest of modesty, the reality is the opposite and is driven by male lust.


Not actually having a TV now… but those are the TV channels that I gave up watching and now would only look at them to see what I was being told to think. The internet blog space is a better source of info on most things now, from medicine to war. The commentators I listen too don’t seem to have an agenda, though obviously they do have biases, usually openly admitted. Jacob Dreizen even wears a ‘Let’s go Brandon’ hat, can’t get more explicit than that. George Galloway still wears a panama 🙂

Sir Bob, another great observation. You are certainly fortunate not to watch the NZ TV news. On the odd occasion I tune in to TV 3, spasmodically I am confronted by a female announcer with a bar code carved into her chin. Surely these people do not require scanning into the studio each time they are on air?

Ah ha ha excellent.
That’ll send the Labour wokist Feminazis totally “back on too their rockers” !!

And I might add Muslim women are well aware of that and obviously spend some time and care on their eye makeup.
Could be a growth industry if the present conditions remain unchanged.

Couldn’t agree more…

Just like suits are to most males..in that they hide the truth…

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