Labour insider zealot Shane Te Pou writes regular Labour wonderfulness stories in the NZ Herald. I’m astonished the paper runs them as they’re so nonsensical and predictable. Then again, given the government is a source of so much mug taxpayer revenue in ridiculous full page adverts and payments to the media in various guises, I shouldn’t be surprised. But I laughed when I read the heading on Shane’s latest effort, specifically, “It’s increasingly evident Luxon is not up to the job.”

If Shane really believed that he’d shut up about it so as not to deter the Nats rolling Luxon.

I’m no National supporter and thus have an unbiased dim view of Luxon, but then again that same “not up to the job” heading could equally be applied to Jacinda.

The problem with our adversarial democratic political system is politicians are constantly torn in their decision-making between the public and their Party’s interest. That’s only human in their quest for survival.

In the post-war years, by a country mile, the PM who managed that conflict best was Helen Clark, followed closely in second place by John Key. I’d put Holyoake in 3rd place but Keith had the advantage of a relatively trouble-free age. So too Syd Holland.

The common denominator those four shared was they managed three terms, perhaps this reflecting a smaller degree than normal of public dissatisfaction, a fate that ultimately befalls all political office-holders. As Enoch Powell famously and accurately said, “All political careers end in failure.”

Despite Shane’s efforts he better get used to the hard political reality that whether Luxon or a stuffed baboon is leader of the Nats, they’ll sweep into office next year in a landslide. The embarrassingly absurd deification of Jacinda in 2019-20 has been well and truly exposed as utterly hollow, a sentiment now widely felt. The old boxing adage, the bigger they are, the harder they fall, applies. To Jacinda’s credit, at the height of her “second coming” mania which gripped New Zealanders, in an interview with Britain’s Guardian newspaper, she admitted going to bed each night suffering from imposter syndrome.

So even if the Nats did replace Luxon with a stuffed baboon, the old saw that oppositions don’t win elections, rather governments lose them applies. The sole exception in the post-war years was Muldoon in 1975.

Jacinda’s constant foreign travel is reminiscent of Muldoon’s in 1983-4, when I suspect he knew the game was up. The endless photo opportunities shaking hands with foreign leaders was intended to impress the home audience. It didn’t and won’t for Jacinda. Her tide has well and truly gone out and I won’t be surprised should she pull stumps within six months to “allow a successor a decent run.” Depending on who replaces her might diminish or increase the landslide, but regardless, the government is history.


Let’s hope so…

The real issue is the system of democracy in it’s present form.

We need someone like Stephen Tindal to step up and clean the place out of professional bs artists and bureaucrats that hide behind them .

Current politicians are largely parasites, whos sole interest is future political careers, rather than doing what’s best for the community they are suppose to represent.

The game of inflation is up, and only created a short term illusion to hide poor governance.

Meanwhile the paid off press of NZ slavishly fill every bulletin and column inch with the winter weather and the dangers thereof, wring every last drop out of the internationally forgotten Covid pandemic, Monkeypox, rubbishing the hapless All Black coach and the MP for Tauranga etc etc in a vain and desperate attempt to deflect the publics attention away from the inevitable, deserved and catastrophic fall of from grace of their leader the, Princess Jacinda

Her biggest gaffe so far is lack of respect. In all of her recent overseas travel not once did she acknowledge the debt we owe those who gave their lives for the freedom of our country. Admiral John C. Aquilino USN first duty was to lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown warrior at Pukeahu Park.

Bring it on… goodbye lame duck, worst government ever.

Landslide or tidal wave, either way I’m happy.

Who the hell to vote for??…. Not Labour, Not National. Seymour and ACT too whacky. What do we have left. Well, at least a Green vote might get us legalization of Cannabis Health products at an affordable price, and an environment good for the future. Help!

    A Green vote comes with a side helping of Marama’s “trans whanau” in your little girl’s toilet, compulsory bicycles, buses and te reo everything. They’re insane.

No wonder he now calls himself Shane TePou…when he was Shane Phillips his activities were less than Stellar…,google it

She’s down the gurgler! And she’s too arrogant to pull the pin before the next election. The only hope is that ACT get a decent whack of the votes and can drive the boring Nats to actually do something. Get Govt out of our lives and stop all the whacky Maoriness of everything before it drives the good Kiwis overseas and those that remain into a scrap. I still find it unbelievable that a NZ political party can differentiate itself from all others by standing on a platform of “one person one vote”.

Shane TePou talks a lot of nonsense…mind you he did much the same when he was called Shane Phillips …when his behaviour was less than stellar

Clear lucid and logical though he is, I suspect the main reason the Herald regularly publishes Richard Prebble is so they can publish the irrational rants of Te Pou , Tamahere etc without being excessively conscience stricken, whilst also enhancing general ranking for PIJFunding.
(And, Sir Bob, hope you have not overlooked the press release about the automotive engineering course in te reo. I trust it wil include the trditonal term term pukaruued.)

frederickwilliscroft August 9, 2022 at 10:43 pm

I always wonder if the likes of Shane Te Pou actually believe what they are writing? If they do they are severely delusional.
The trouble is that most of the mainstream media write (or in the case of One News/TV3/RNZ broadcast) in a similar vein. They seem desperate to see the return of a Labour Govt and so magnify any perceived mistakes by National whereas any Labour cock ups (and these occur almost daily) are given the once over lightly treatment.
Luxon got a 8 minute grilling on RNZ with regard to his Te Puke Facebook post. Incredible! When did the Princess or any other Govt minister get an 8 minute grilling on any subject. And lets face it – there are so many to choose from it’s difficult to know where to start.

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