We all enjoy predicting future events so here’s my call on the British political future.

First, in the next election Labour will win office and Starmer will be a satisfactory middle of the road Prime Minister. But unprecedented economic events beyond his political ability, (or anyone else’s) will see Labour become a one term government.

Back will come the Conservatives led by their real star, namely Nigerian born Kemi Badenoch.

She’s bloody smart, consistent and if no beauty Queen, has bloody good legs. What more could you ask for?


Trendy SB !

Kemi was actually born in London. Her mother went there from Nigeria for obstetric care. But yes, I think she is showing a lot more promise as a future PM than the other contenders

I wish we could get to Ms Badenoch without having to go via Starmer

Shes been my pick from the start. Great life story.

Hmm a fair bet, however i suspect they will get 2 terms. I predict a short ferocious fight over Taiwan as Labor’s first term in office comes towards the end.
The Brits being a ferocious and warlike bunch, will promptly give Labour another go.
However Kemi will then ascend to number 10.

Surprisingly, I don’t think you haven’t got it right this time! Liz Truss will win & Starmer will stay in opposition. Kemi Badenoch’s ranking & ratings will keep improving & hopefully she will become leader, however, this is still some time away!

Hope she’s ready for the social media lynch mob to call her a race and gender traitor for being a Conservative.

… or even better, hope she doesn’t care.

What’s clearly obvious is the establishment (including those hiding behind to he currentl shirade in the Pentagon) don’t want Trump in charge..They want a political puppet, which he is not…

I’m convinced there would not have been a war in Ukraine had Trump been elected, as history will show during his tenure it was one of the most peaceful times…

While Trump has his failings, as we all do, what he has that the rest of the puppets don’t have is business nous, which has been lacking in most leadership over the past two to three decades..

The west is a mess, and it very clear those in charge care little for the people or planet….it’s time those who have proftted for what is a corrupt system to share their gains. .

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