A quarter of a century ago I wrote a comic novel “Full Circle.”

Last week I re-read it for the first time in at least a decade and came across this passage.

The speaker is a young oceanographer.

“I’ve decided the global warming hysteria is nonsense. Maybe the earth is warming and maybe humans are causing this, but so what? Listen to the scaremongers and the one thing which comes through is their underlying misanthropy. In the context of the environment they talk about the human race as if it’s alien to the globe. Yet by far the most environmentally destructive forces are earthquakes and floods and volcanic eruptions and typhoons, yet they treat these as simply parts of nature. Well so are people.”

As I said, that was 25 years ago but the salient points remain, namely the Greens like all leftists, are essentially misanthropic and that the human climate effects are no different than the volcano eruptions and the like. We’re told the Tongan eruption has been a major factor in this year’s heat waves, for example.

That said, of course we should continue nullifying the numerous human factors contributing towards global warming but what’s happening is no reason to panic. Let’s have an end to this blather that humans are destroying the globe. It’s gone through ice ages and massive geographic changes on numerous occasions in the millions of years it’s existed, long before humanity evolved, initially in the sea.

When the first of our ape ancestors dropped from the trees and eventually stood and learnt to walk, you can be assured there’d have been a gibbering timid faction remaining tree-bound, clutching one another and crying alarm. Their fear-ridden ancestors live on today, behaving exactly the same in their advocacy for collectivist security.

Every human advance has been attributable to an individual, often pilloried at the time by the mob or religious fantasists. Such is the story of human progress.

The two age-old human failures are religious superstition and warfare. Humans will not destroy the globe but unless militarism is finally abandoned, they may well destroy themselves.


Not a truer word spoken.

Sense at last! The forecast temperature model as laid out by the scaremongers is showing the increase on a straight line. The earth’s temperatures, for thousands of years, have never behaved this way – it has always been a roller coaster with ebbs and flows.

Bang on Bob, if we could just settle down and stop hating humans and their actions, we might actually start enjoying the short time we have on this rock.

    But surely the exception is the alarmist Greenies, who truly want to reduce the world’s population by some enormous percentage. As I always say to them “after you, Chloe”!

The death of Hypatia provides chilling evidence for the supposition.Hypatia was one of the first woman in ancient Alexandria to study math,astronomy,and philosophy.She was also a Pagan,and history records her as rather attractive to say the least.She gave Public lectures,and was considered a model citizen.Imagine a cone filled with water,viewed from the top,and we have a perfect circle.Tilt the cone 45 degrees,we no longer have a circle but an ellipse.Making information like this available to all could be dangerous.Around 415 AD she was pulled from her carriage by Christian zealots led by Peter the Lector.She was dragged into a Church ,stripped and beaten to death.She was one of the last great thinkers of Ancient Alexandria.Many other Christians have benefited man/woman kind.The operative word is zealot.

New song released today from The Fifth Diemension and new lead singer Youralla Fucedda …
‘ This Is The Dawning Of The Age of Insanity ‘


The International Pentecostal Climate Church has many believers – blind followers of the gospel according to the UN. Follow the money folks, as usual.

Producing linear projections from cyclical data, would historically have been viewed as not sound science. 10 degrees two days ago, 20 today, therefore it’ll be 60 next Thursday.

    I particularly like a story from the second US Census.
    The US Census in 1850 asked how many horses were owned by farmers.
    The same question remained in the 1860 census.

    When the results were analysed a Government clerk solemnly declared that by 1905 the amount of horse manure produced annually by the forecast number of horses then in existence would cover the entire continental USA toa depth of one and a half inches and that the government need to do something.

    Yep, didnt happen. Helped by railway and motor vehicle production

    I predict that when the Climate alarmists take their head out of their arse.
    They will see human innovation proceeding at an amazing speed.

    Its not hard to envisage that in 30 years time(ie the length of time the internet has been around) that the world will be producing lots and lots of non climate effecting sustainable energy. I am thinking some sort of nuclear device.

    Such abundance of energy will lead to economic solutions to the Co2 problem. Already there are Carbon washers which extract Co2 and produce solid carbon

Like alot of prophets, they brainwash people into following them; sometimes over a cliff..

Ive always believed actions speak louder than words, which explains my challenge with (so called) authority…And notice is generally one way dialogue, with no construction critical questions asked or answered.

I spoke with a Rarotongan elder this morning, and what a breath of fresh it was. Humans (well the western culture) have or are losing whats so important, and thats a sense of community..

What the neoliberals call progress is only for them…What a crock of s… they have been feeding the masses…

If only they understood you get more out of giving than taking.

Agreed (in part) Take Dubai, millions live lives of great opulence there in temperatures over 40° C. They’ve adapted the environment to make this possible. Most of the Western world will adapt and cope. Food production will change; different crops, different systems. Natural protien (red and white meats) may become a luxury afforded by few but synthetic protiens will quickly replace this for the majority. Our oceans and wildlands will change their flora and fauna; some extinctions but also massive adaption and relocation. The World will most certainly not end and humans will remain head primate.
We can also predict that vast regions of the underdeveloped World will become uninhabitable ; whether through sea level rise, more frequent and intense drought or just being to frickin’ hot to breath. These country’s won’t have the capital to adapt their environments. There will be great starvation, huge refugee migrations, chaos and warfare. Yes, we already see plenty of all that on TV but far worse awaits now for people caught in the wrong place at the wrong time in history. Think 16 and 17th Century Europe for equivalent misery; famine, warfare and plague.
Whether we care about these people probably determines if we care about climate change. On evidence to date we don’t care much about either. Sorry, but we’re humans we possess Prof Dawkin’s “selfish gene” like the scorpion in the river on the frog’s back; “it’s in our nature” (said scorpion, stings said frog, despite knowing a poisened frog means a drowned scorpion – because; “its in my nature”).
So come on Kiwis; get on with it and stop pretending we care. I’m personally looking forward to kiwi fruit grown in Canterbury, bananas in Waikato and tropical forests with all their beauty. AND Taupo will have a wonderful temperate climate with zero ocean risk, no more frosty mornings and a lake you can swim in all year round.
Bloody marvelous.

in 2006 Al Gore said that we only had 10 years (and he got a Noble Prize for his work)
So it is too late now to do anything.

Back to absolute excellence in clear thought Bob. But look too at the responses. Smart people clearly frustrated by zealot tyranny extinguishing rational thought. This blog goes into my time capsule for my great grandchildren.

Got to disagree with you, Bob (most unusual) that religious superstition has been a failure. Even though it is nonsensical mumbo-jumbo, religious superstition has been the underpinning of civilisation, and particularly, art. It has also been the cause of countless wars, but those wars would have occurred with some other excuse if religion was unavailable. Warfare is a proxy failure for the failure of human nature.

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