The Dominion-Post has been running an entertaining series of interviews with diverse purported artistic types of no perceivable accomplishment.

A recent one was a delight, being an interview with a photographer, a long-haired bloke called Cody.

In the course of it Cody revealed how he’d gone to Japan, determined not to leave before “I found out who I am.” Plainly it never occurred to him to show his passport to someone who can read, which I assume Cody can’t, and they would have told him who he was.

Cody then advised he had published a couple of photo books which “follow him wherever he goes.” That I’d love to see. Do they hop, slide, ride a bike or a child’s pedal car when trailing behind him? Can they recite sonnets, juggle sardine tins and perform other feats besides following him about? We were not told.

Further on, when asked what he most enjoys about Wellington, he gave readers this pearler. “There’s a certain provenance to the architecture.” Cody, take note, everything that exists has a certain provenance. But best of all he advised, “It seems that all cities emerge from the ocean, stand for a short while, and then eventually return beneath the waves.”

Now it might seem like that to Cody but of the tens of thousands of cities in the world, so far not one has emerged out of the sea, let alone eventually slid back beneath the waves.

All of this nonsense the Dom-Post advised was as told to (staffer) Andre Chumko who I suspect is having a merry old giggle, making it all up. But if not, for his sake I hope he’s being paid danger money, for which there’s a precedent. That was with Truth newspaper back in the 1970s, then New Zealand’s biggest circulation newspaper. Their political journoes, with bloody good cause, negotiated and received danger money to attend the Social Credit party’s annual conference.


It took me a few years to realise that many of the so-called stories in daily papers were, in fact, completely specious. Several decades ago I queried a lovely tale propagated by the NZPA.
The story was printed in many NZ papers, that a monster snake had such a voracious appetite that “it has swallowed several animals (dogs, pigs etc) and was now eating local villagers”. When pressed, the NZPA editor admitted that not only was the whole story fake, news outlets around the world (when their staff were bored) frequently made up such fanciful epics. These of course, were put out “on the wire” to be broadcast to the generally gullible population who seldom questioned the truthfulness of such nonsensense.

Pearler Sir Bob. These woke, oxygen thieves who live in their own deluded bubble crack me up with their mindless waffle.

What ever happened to Bruce Beetham and his Social Credit party? I must have slept through much of the 70’s, but I was working three jobs and studying (there’s always an excuse) and I do remember voting for SC. Not that I want to support the photo buff, but didn’t Atlantis sink into the sea? Or was that a myth? (‘probably slept through that too …)

    I believe Bruce was recalled to Area 51 for re-location to another habitable planet. The mothership couldn’t take them all so a few were sprinkled here and there. However they quickly banded together at a handful of NZ universities. You can find them lurking under the stairs of the Sociology departments

And they go home at night and breed

Richard Nicholas Whittington September 12, 2022 at 6:03 pm

Cancel your Dom-Post sub Bob. It only encourages the bastards.

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