Recently Stuff gave its readers a claimed sensational lengthy piece of purported news, this an item lifted from Women’s Day magazine.

Headed “We Were Shocked,” it outlined how a 35 year old married mother with a 2 year old daughter, a former netballer, was now pregnant with her second child.

The article included such world-class banalities from the mother-to-be as “at the end of the day sport is sport.” Who’d have guessed that?

But why the shock? The mother-to-be advised that she and her husband were actually seeking a second child which is presumably why she’s now having one.

The best estimate is 108 billion humans have existed in human history to date. How the announcement of another is a sensational piece of news is a massive mystery.


This “news story” could almost qualify for inclusion in an updated edition of True Facts, Sir Bob.

The shock may have come through receiving the message via a Lightning Data connection? All in all, that ‘at the end of the day’ euphemism is tired and overused. By and large, we could use something else? Or just state the obvious – sport is indeed sport.

She’s such an obvious intellect that she and hubby haven’t yet worked out how babies arise…

I agree – having a baby is surely not a shock worthy of headline news in these circumstances. However, I am slightly bemused – it appears the existing 2 year old daughter is a former netballer (presumably of some stature…) – I am curious as to the competition she might have competed in….

    Yes I also was impressed by this precocious young sportswoman. That would indeed be “sensational”. My two 2 year old granddaughters would be keen to join the league. Where to apply?

Great to see you are a reader of the womans day Bob,keep up the good work.

Shock! Horror! pictures at 6 on news…..

Its no wonder the Media is treated with such contempt. The Canon of media impartiality and so forth has been replaced by tiresome hero worship of celebrity (with a very small c) or outright propaganda . Exhibit A:

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