The position in New Zealand is really quite simple.
“Maori” are said to be 16% of the population – but this is entirely incorrect – because, almost without exception, those people who say they are ‘Māori’ have less than 50% Maori genetic background.  However, let’s be overly generous here and say that perhaps one eighth of these people have 50% or more Māori genes in their makeup.
That means that only 2% of our population have the right to call themselves Māori. The other 14% illogically deny the majority of their genetic background. This is simply irrational and could not stand up in a balanced debate.

Why do these people then deny the majority of their genes?  I am 1/4 Scottish, 1/4  English, and say 1/16th French  – but I do not call myself French, Scottish or English – I am simply a New Zealand citizen who has one vote, in what until very recently was one of the great democracies in the world – and a country where females were first given the vote.

There can be only one reason for that 14% of the population who dishonestly call themselves Māori in having less than a preponderance of Māori genes – and that is that they wish to part of a society that for some dishonest reason gives them advantages that the vast majority of New Zealanders do not have:

• Their group get special seats in Parliament – when the Royal Commission on Electoral Reform which introduced MMP voting, said should be abolished.

Their so called  ‘Māori’ businesses and property get privileged tax and rates reductions – often they pay NOTHING!

• They get privileged entry to University where in a competitive situation, the % marks gained in entrance examinations are set at an unjust lower level. For instance, a set number of people with much less than 50% Māori generic background (as low as 1% if established) can gain entry to Medical School with 70% marks! Compare this where recently a third generation non-Māori who wanted to follow his father & grandfather as a surgeon, was denied entry to the Medical School with marks of not 70% – but in excess of 94%!

• It’s a disgraceful situation where English is the Official International Language (to pilot an aircraft landing in Croatia you can’t talk Croatian, you must speak fluent English) we have unbelievably in NZ 50% (perhaps more) of school leavers who have inadequate abilities in spoken or written English – and yet this present Government intends laughably to make the teaching of Te Reo Māori, a compulsory subject, and are spending countless millions of taxpayer money on this project. This is so irresponsible and irrational, but the presently ‘woke’ National Party as the Government’s official ‘Opposition’ seemingly does not to ever want to dispute this situation. The only way for people to progress in the world and to benefit NZ is to be able to speak, write, and read English – to a high standard.

• At this present time this corrupt Government is creating a Health Service where ‘so called’ Māori will get preferential treatment ahead of all other New Zealand citizens. This is immoral, irrational, ‘racist’, and against all the principles of Hippocrates.

And so the list goes on – where so called disadvantaged “Māori” with as little as 1% of Māori genetic background become one of the most privileged group of people in the world.

How could any average, honest, hard working, New Zealander possibly tolerate a situation, that has neo-Marxist connotations to it? Perhaps this is exactly so, with our Prime Minister previously having been the President of the Marxist Socialist Youth International.

What we have is unacceptable “racist” outrage – where it must be understood that no racist society in the world has ever survived.

Dr. Hylton Le Grice CNZM, OBE.


Dr Le Grice received the Insignia of a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to ophthalmology, music and the community.  He has had a long and distinguished career as an eye surgeon, university teacher, healthcare administrator, company director, Board member and Chair of public and private institutions.  For 20 years he was a consultant surgeon at Auckland Hospital.  He established the undergraduate teaching programme in ophthalmology at the Auckland School of Medicine, is a past President of the Ophthalmological Society of New Zealand, and for eight years was a member of the Opticians’ Board.  He served on the board of Southern Cross Healthcare as a Director, Deputy Chair and Chair from 1984 to 2002.


Hear Hear! I was imported from Scotland at the age of 12 and I’m probably 80% Scots. But, I have married into a blended family with Maori in the mix, I have grand and great-grand children who I don’t want to fight with or be segregated from because love doesn’t have any racial boundaries. Some of them get special treatment because of their race, but nothing for my direct descendants and I think that is unfair. I’ve worked for the largest Maori employer in the country and have no problems with anyone. I treat people the way I want to be treated myself, respectfully and honestly. But I do wish we didn’t have the extremes as they worry me for the future of all of my blended family. One people, one country I say. Let’s all get on.

The correct term applied should be part Maori

The Maori elite; including solicitors from both sides, have been dining out at the taxpayers expense due to past politicians feathering the nest of their solicitor mates. Geoffrey Palmer is still at the trough…

While I disagree with their exempt tax status, they are only copying some bogus charitable trusts and transfer pricing others use to avoid paying their dues also..

Part of the solution to these so called handouts and privileges could be to make the tertiary education costs tax deductable for those that don’t receive handouts..

Its going to be all pretty irrelevant in time, when the government no longer has the ability to pay the interest; let alone the principal, on the debt they are currently surviving on..

    …and isn’t it interesting that we constantly hear and read that colonisation has been the root of all evil, while Maori seem happy to accept honours based on the British honours awards system.

And the idiotic disscracefull NZ “Labour party” will now attempt to have their complicit corrupt tax payer funded 4th estate, CANCEL Dr Hilton Le Grice.

Maori already receive preferential care in the medical system. Ask people who work in the hospitals, it is horrifying if you are not maori. One of the big issues in providing healthcare to maori is that they just don’t turn up when asked.

He is a wise man. Watch his “de-platforming”.

I doubt there is any race in the world that is “pure” and only people like adolf hitler are pre-occupied with race.

Imagine spending one’s life looking back and moaning.

Roydon Ronald Griffiths September 15, 2022 at 2:25 pm

Well said Sir Bob exactly what I have been thinking but I do not have big enough balls to say so in words. I only wish National would show the balls & come out fighting with similar truthful words. You would have my vote if you considered standing for parliament, but I can understand both our ages are past the bureaucracy.

The life expectancy gap between Maori and non-Maori is almost certainly driven by factors not related to healthcare. As a fairly educated guess the differences can be explained by:

1. Difference in smoking rates
2. A higher prevalence of drug and alcohol abuse.
3. A higher prevalence of growing up in households with a lower average income; a higher level of welfare dependency and domestic instability i.e. mothers with different fathers for each child.

Fix those problems and the gap will decline significantly.

It would be like saying – smokers as a whole have lower life expectancies than non-smokers. So we need to ensure equality by throwing more resources at smokers to even the score. How dumb does that sound ? We are just substituting race in the case of our reforms.

It is also interesting to note that Asian New Zealanders have higher life expectancies than Europeans. Is this evidence of racism ? Obviously not. Most of us could again give a reasonably educated guess as to why that is so.

Spending hundreds of millions to change a system by addressing the wrong issues.

This is a great article stating the facts perfectly

This treachery has been developing for a couple of decades, ever since that idiot Palmer excited the avaricious Maori elite. The 2023 election is the time to put and end to it. Left any longer and it will overwhelm us. Change will require National to demonstrate in the coming weeks and months that it has the courage to take the beast head on. Further fence-sitting will see National sidelined, with its centre right position occupied by an increasingly powerful ACT. While still difficult, the task of restoring democracy in New Zealand would be so much less challenging if National would just pull finger

Not usually lost for words, I endorse and admire Dr Hylton Le Grice’s fearlessness at expressing what many know but live vicariously through silence or fear of retribution. I’v spoken out and yet kept my head on my shoulders, even after TVNZ attempted to deflate my opinion by shaming. Their claim one third of NZers speak or are learning Māori, is bollocks. Our current prime minister’s rule is to create a historical divide between the majority of New Zealanders and the minority who believe they have a genetic entitlement to privileges even though, as Dr Le Grice points out, it’s possible only 2% can call themselves Māori.
It’s all about the benefits and detachment from responsibility or work.
Our prime minister, the worst in NZ’s history and the best at dividing the nation, has undone this country. We are all New Zealanders in one country and one for all, and all for one..
I urge others to standup and be counted, dissent against discord, you may be surprised who will join you.

    Someone IS listening to the plight of our country. It is not easy to try to influence this government from outside the country without appearing to be interfering in the government. New Zealand is well known to have lost its democracy.

Wow how true, but then again most Kiwis are scared witless of the cancel culture that they dare not voice anything that remotely touches the subject.
Case in point – no comments here at all on this post. Usual commentators are notably absent.
Bob you mush have scared them witless.

More disgusting than the Government’s policies are the comprehensive failure of our journalists to critique them. Truly an abysmal abdication of their professional duties.

    Alan, you are so right, but consider this, as I have found firsthand, the journos with guts will tell you they are gagged or side-lined, exasperatingly. Fascism and fear, by our designing PM.

    Totally true! I’ve been saying this for years: It’s the woke and left-leaning medias that are mostly to blame for this government’s acting.

This article is so true.
I have witnessed first hand over the last 12 years working in PNG, exactly what will happen in NZ if this nonsense isn’t thrown out soon, before it is so embedded, it can’t be repealed.
The tribal elite are driving this flat out and the very last thing they want is for the lot of their own at the bottom of the heap to improve.
By keeping the problem going is nothing short of corruption, with the idea being there is always a problem that needs increasing amounts of taxpayers money thrown at it.
Meanwhile a good majority of the money is intercepted by the corrupt drivers of all this before it gets anywhere it is needed.
The PNG government have been up to same for decades, with countless billions tipped in by the Australian Government, meanwhile the lot for the general population deteriorates.
I am 62 years old and went to school with Maori kids, who managed to do perfectly OK, then I spent 20 years in our military services, serving along many Maori who where mostly hardworking and loyal people, an a good number did very well.
But over the last few decades ever since this nonsense started gaining traction the lot of Maori kids have been steadily going downhill.
By making out there is a problem has created the problem.
I shudder to think where this is all going to end.

100% agree with Dr Hylton Le Grice’s comments. Good on him.

Totally corrupt. On 13th September, 2018, on Seven Sharp, Tamati Rimini Sproat, in the context of Harper Neilson’s protest at the wording of Advance Australia Fair, bastardised the Australian National Anthem. My complaint to the Broadcasting Standards Authority was answered with “it was an humorous rendition”. Humorous renditions are, in fact, bastardisations.


I’m very excited that Australia now has a few blonde indigenous medics.
After a few months on a beach in Asia, even in the wet season, I can report that I am indeed darker than all of these indigenous persons.

The pushback against Ardern’s insane racist policies is underway! Go Bob and Dr Le Grice. If it is racist to hold such beliefs, count me in!


Hi Bob, thanks for coming onto my web site where you saw this article about Dr Le Grice. Please can you get the word out about it http://www.stopcogovernance.site. Thanks a million!

Agree 100 % The only issue to discuss ; does anybody really believe National /Act will undo much of this. Hasn’t happened in the past when Labour has been tossed

100% spot on!! There really is no justifiable reason as to why the rest of NZ tolerates this ridiculous racism, but we do……..

How refreshing to hear some common sense truth. It is concerning that Aderns propaganda is able to flourish with the media hog tied and the woke propagating all sorts of strange ‘truths’. How do we fight back? Can we rely on National/Act to fix this? That’s not what I’m hearing. Is there a plan, a group, somewhere, where like minded people can communicate to become a cohesive group that can have a voice? We need this, we need to be available for all the people too frightened on their own to fight against this nonsense.

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