This guy is on the ball Really like this

Garrick is on fire in recent times. He’d better be careful though as he must be getting very close to being “cancelled” by Ardern’s fan club……

Loved the “”Yves Saint-Laurent Maori cloak”” Jacinda.
Absolute stunning attraction and sensation of QE2’s funeral parrade.

Obviously Maori elders had been in touch with Laurent before the evil colonials arrived in NZ. Obviously he was commisioned by Maori elder to design a cloak that could remain incredibly modern well in to the 21st century, (some might say almost westernised) yet an item that every brave warrior would love to have in their fashion collection.
Perhaps a traditional fashion item starving Maori children might aspire to, should they have the chance to be “guided” by the modern empowered caucasian female as how a suitable Maori should dress.

Anyway fashion houses are getting swamped with orders for these “traditional” Maori items.
So kitsch darling and so empowering.

Key Ora

    Perhaps Jacinda just ‘ feels ‘ like a Maori and its Ok for educated caucasian non-males to show Maori how to be more Maori.
    There should be a suitable financial Maori tarrif administered by Maori on any item that looks Maori so that Maori get the benefit of being Maori. This could provide employment for many Maori unemployed.
    If Jacinda feels like a Maori she should be able to by a Maori.

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