Seemingly perpetually under fire Reserve Bank Governor Adrian Orr, has advised that henceforth, “the bank will be increasing the number of conversations it has about climate change over the coming year.”

Think about that. A talking Bank! The tourist potential is huge.

But alas, the one year period the Bank will be talking will be wasted except for Visa-free Australian visitors. That’s because of the scandalous massive backlog in processing visas by the Immigration Department. Could that be because the Immigration staff have had and continue to enjoy a prolonged paid holiday, otherwise known as “working from home”?

The other concern is the bank might trendily wet, decide to talk in maori which sensibly, almost no-one else can, so far from conversations, instead the tourists drawn to experiencing chatting with a building, will instead be subject to a meaningless monologue.

If Adrian has any influence here, he must persuade the building to first delay any conversations commencing until the Immigration staff get back to work and equally important, switch its chatting to a language people actually speak.


Climate Catastrophe Conversations Orr should be doing his actual job. Perhaps he could start trying to explain why he shouldn’t be sent down the road for loading the NZ taxpayers with a 9,000,000,000 liability thanks to his disastrous dicking around.

He probably much prefers to talk about climate change ( which he cant really be blamed for ) than the 9 billion dollar loss on the bond portfolio which he is responsible for.

Also, a metric that is virtually unmeasurable in a job life cycle.

And the winners were…..you guessed it the overseas banks, who used the cheap credit to facilitate even more investment for themselves…

My Asian girlfriend submitted an application for a visitors visa back in November 2019.
She received an e-mail from the Department of Immigration last month saying that she had to reapply due to time expired.
Absolutely unbelievable after nearly 3 years.

Question. If the woke believe that they can control the Earth’s temperature with the amount of CO2 emitted, it must be asked “When the Earth’s temperature starts dropping towards below normal, will they advocate for burning of fossil fuels to stop the oncoming ice age?” An Ice Age far more severe than any minor temperature increase we are now experiencing.

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