The New Zealand Herald’s web-site heading this morning read, “Rotorua tourism operators want Government fix for brand damage inflicted by emergency housing woes.”

WRONG – The damage is being inflicted by the utter no-hoper, criminally feral occupants and doubtless The Herald would say as much were they not all maori.


I hear they’ve banned the sale of lammingtons in Rotorua.

Yes well said Sir Robert you naughty knight and can’t wait to see the response from the usual wet nimbies who wouldn’t want this lot anywhere near where they dwell.My bet is much of the comment although entertaining will as usual be loud and name withheld in usual gutless fashion and we can rely on the Green,Labour and Maori party shills to knock each other over in the rush to crucify you for voicing this
Keep up the good work!

Perhaps the motel owners who have been taking the government (for government read tax payer) dollar, and making big profits, should now spend some of this on rebranding the place.

Devils Advocate here.
Didn’t you just say re-post an article on your Blog that essentially said “there are no Maori”? Can’t have it both ways…Realistically-how could you know that they are all Maori? (or actually part Maori). There are plenty of ferals from most races. The only bet I would make is that there are no Asians in the mix.

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