The catastrophic stuff-up re work visas has seen the media concentrate on the likes of fruit pickers, an activity our layabouts sponging off their fellow citizens are not prepared to sully themselves with, moreso given the ready availability of taxpayer money for their indolence.

But there’s a much bigger issue, namely tourism. Prior to covid and the disastrously risible hermit kingdom response, our biggest foreign exchange earner by a country mile was tourism.

Alas, no longer. And why? Because there’s a backlog in “processing” visa applications. And why? The explanation is the nonsensical “working from home” fantasy that has caused this disaster.

The government’s incompetence seems boundless. The world is heading into a serious economic recession of high inflation and commercial failures.

Labour governments excel at timely reform initiatives but are totally hopeless handling both money and crises. That reflects their safety first “kick for touch” backgrounds of school teaching and the like.

The National Party dullards should be making hay of this state of affairs but instead are leaving it to David Seymour and ACT to throw the obvious punches. There will be a change of government, of that I have no doubt, but let’s hope it’s a coalition with ACT calling the shots so as to effect some obvious reforms based on economic common sense, rather than nonsensical co-government, colonialism and such-like silliness.


The stupidity is endless. When did we last have a competent government in New Zealand ? In my 60 years I haven’t seen one. I’ve just witnessed economic and social policy mayhem- and the people love it. You love it Bob.

The opportunistic, covid fear driven “working from home” ploy is merely a symptom of a wider malaise, namely the desire to draw a salary without having to do anything resembling useful activity which, to be honest, has been a key feature of the public service since time immemorial. One solution to this problem would be increased automation that obviates any requirement for human interaction but that would defeat another key feature of the public service, namely providing McJobs for several unnecessary layers of middle-class luvvies who conveniently and wholeheartedly support this parasitic and ridiculous excuse for a Government.

Yes go back to the office but make sure you don’t bump into the anti ram-raid bollards on your way through the door. Our Labour government sollution to criminal ram-raid activity is TAX PAYER FUND BOLLARDS !
((WTF)) …silly me, i’ve obviously missed the point again Jacinda.
Why would you bother ‘asking’ (nicely darling) the criminal filth to stop offending when we can let them continue with violent attacks against the public and at the same time spend millions placing bollards everywhere ?
Does this mean Labour will extend the bollard sceme to private residence when the criminals move on to attack our homes Jacinda ? ….probably
Keep voting Labour girls !

Yep Seymour and ACT seem to be the only ones on the ball. At this rate I’m not sure that rather than a National / ACT coalition it wouldn’t be better for a massive swing to ACT!!

My Thai girlfriend submitted a visa application for a Tourist visa back in November 2019.
She received an email from New Zealand immigration last month saying the application was now out of the time frame for visa applications and she would have to reapply.

It has been nearly 3 years since the application was first submitted. No wonder tourists are not flocking into New Zealand,

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