Former Christchurch Cathedral Dean John Bluck, that is until God, probably fed up with Bluck’s sermonising, smashed it with an earthquake, nevertheless that hasn’t stopped the cleric pontificating, only without his ballgown and instead with the pen.

He did so recently with an article in the Stuff newspapers rubbishing retirement home living which view only had purpose was it compulsory. Otherwise their popularity reflects something supernaturalists of every stripe detest, namely individual free will.

Nevertheless, publication led to a letter in support from a Jean Hansen of Marton, who concluded expressing her delight of a “lone hen who leaves her droppings on the welcome mat.”

As said, each to their own. But if Jean is delighted by a bird crapping on her welcome mat, what an opportunity this presents for altruistic Marton residents, to lift her delight to absolute ecstasy. Henceforth they should shun the toilet bowl and when so moved, rip round to Jean’s home and crap on her front door welcome mat. Doubtless Bluck would endorse such behaviour as reflecting the spirit of Christian giving.


Holy shit Bob! Note: this is a crap response.

SB. ” I’m not standing next to you ya lightning rod ” !
You’ve pissed John Bluck off.

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