At last some sanity with the news the Crown is appealing the mind-blowingly outrageous nine months home detention sentence against a piece of filth who raped four young girls’, all under 15.

More important, when this matter is done and dusted and the offender hopefully incarcerated for a very long time, step two must occur. That is for the Judge to voluntarily retire, failing which he should be sacked.

There’s lots of suitable alternative career options he’d be better suited to. Driving a taxi would be out as it would occasionally require some judgement calls. So too holding a stop-go sign, now a major Cone-land career choice.

I’ve got the answer. He could join the road-workers as a cell-phonist, this seemingly a critical role.


Just so happens you can gain ncea credit s for all that so a new career should Be easy for him

This judge forgot they are employed to safeguard the wider public from this scum. They clearly havent given thought to future victims of these crimes, who now may chose not to come forward based on the pathetic sentence handed out to this crime…

There’s so much inconsistency with justice these days, and unless things change allot more people will take it on themselves to do justice..

Shipley and Graham should have at least been stripped of their titles, if not locked up..

Fay Ritchwhite…https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fay_Richwhite….werent brought to justice either…and explains their local isolation….

And there are many more white collar criminals where justice hasnt been served…

Agreed. Welcome to Labours new Aotearoa where criminals are victims, right is wrong, a free internet is a weapon of war and everyone has Rights but no responsibility.

Care should be exercised in suggesting alternative careers for members of the judiciary.

There is the notorious case of the English newspaper editor who was done for contempt when publishing his view the appointment of a judge, whose decision he disagreed with, squelched the judges more suitable vocation as a bus conductor.

The Judge is a disgrace to New Zealand and the people who live here. Both perpetrator and Judge are enemies of society.

The further a society drifts from truth,the more it will hate those who speak it.George Orwell.

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