I recently made a wager with a mate that everyone should hope I win. It was that the Putin filth would be dead by year end.

This piggy-eyed extreme sufferer of short man syndrome seems utterly uncaring about the estimated 50,000 to 100,000 lives his ego has cost, the awful upheaval to millions of others’ lives, and the trillions of dollars of destruction he’s wrought on the Ukraine.

No matter how much personal security he arranges, in the immortal words of former heavyweight champion Joe Louis, he can run but he can’t hide, so hopefully someone will knock him off soon.

As I’ve frequently written, the two great failings of humanity are warfare and religion.

Joe also neatly covered the latter when he astutely observed that everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die.

Putin professes Christian faith although how he reconciles that with his actions is a mystery. It’s a pity it’s nonsense thus saving him from hell and eternity in a vat of boiling oil, along with Hitler, the Popes and diverse other evil-doers.


Your scorn for Biden and Zelensky should match your scorn for Putin if you’re truly for peace.

    Agree – add in the entire EU/NATO crowd. Takes 2 to tango and this lot are not blameless in this human catastrophe

A friend who took a P&O cruise to the Pearly Gates just before Covid said he was told that the Popes don’t even get that far. But the others you mention at least get an assessment. Never a good outcome though. They are all sent to a huge stadium where one day John Campbell is going to appear and talk to them for eternity. They’ll say it’s hell.

As for Putin’s claim to the Christian faith, this ought to upset him if his conscious if functioning properly:

True and False Disciples

“Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.”

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, … Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’

Sir Bob, I’m currently reading the first volume of “The Second World War” by Sir Winston Churchill. Hitlers actions prior to WW2 of ‘reuniting’ ‘traditional/historical’ German territories and the manner of his actions are pretty much the blueprint for what is currently happening. It makes for chilling reading, and I’m only up to early-mid 1939. Hitler had Chamberlain fooled, and Putin has Trump as his patsy.

    Matt – a very common mistake. Chamberlain was not fooled. While he avoided panic in the streets he fought for and won significant British armament upgrades, especially for the navy. The very day he returned from “Peace in our time” at Munich he signed a contract for a huge factory conversion to build engines for Spitfires. Those engines were rolling out 12 weeks later (no orange cones or Resource Consents with iwi approval) and powered the aircraft that won the Battle of Britain. Chamberlain was no fool.

    Suggest you read “A short history of Europe” to understand where it all started and how it keeps on repeating.

Putin is a bully. Biden is a mindless puppet. Zelensky is a genocidal maniac. The internal genocide against Russian speakers in the eastern Ukraine has been going on for years. The blowing up of the Nord Stream pipe lines by the USA is unspeakable evil. In a couple of months the European winter will hit, inflation has already. Prepare for mayhem.

Putin is not the only villain here…

Biden & Zelensky; who are merely puppets, will be aware of pass agreements with the Soviets, which are being completely ignored.

The bigger game being played here is US interests last attempt to keep their fiat currency going…Their weapons industry is doing quite nicely also….

Is having the ability to trade in China created currency so bad? They seem to be creating wealth for the masses, while the US interests are creating misery for everyone else.

Hear, hear Bob..I second that.

According to Dante, the Popes turned their eyes away from Heaven towards earthly wealth and power. In Hell each newly arriving Pope was hammered headfirst into the ground onto the feet of his predecessor.

I think Putin is a Christian in the same way Steve Jobs was a Buddhist, i.e. instead of whatever image helps me sell the most iPhones, it is whatever religious image helps me propagandise my citizens the best.

As someone who grew up in the highly atheistic Soviet Union, and as a former KGB officer, I doubt he has any actual faith, but likely concurs with the Marxist view of religion being the opioid of the people. A drug, in his view, he wishes to encourage as long as it helps him keep his filthy mitts on power.

It is remarkable how many Russians have re-embraced the Russian Orthodox Church with official adherents going from ~0% to ~70% of the population in a couple of decades. So pretending he’s an adherent certainly helps with the ‘man of the people’ image these dictators like to cultivate. It is also bizarre to see how Russian women use abortion as a form of casual contraception, rather than the extreme measure it should, at the very least, be viewed as, and how that contradicts with their supposed rediscovered beliefs.

I tend to think of Russian as largely European, at least since Peter the Great, but their culture is definitely a lot different, and one wonders how much of that is paranoia due to being led by an almost constant stream of truly despicable despots since the Mongols on – for the best part of a millennium.

Two points: 1- Ukraine under Zelensky has been slaughtering Russian speaking citizens in the recently “annexed” Eastern provinces since at least 2014. 2- Is your condemnation of Putin matched by condemnation of what G.W. Bush did to Iraq, without any justification at all? Whereas Putin has been pushed and provoked by the US & NATO for many years …

Be careful what you wish for. Putin is indeed awful but those likely to take his place would be unlikely to win a charm contest.

Gueez Wayne … Putin’s poodles have even made it to this blog. The lights must be burning late at 57 Messines Road.

Putin’s decades of his personal monopoly game plan will be hard to swallow for him, but I don’t think the oligarchy will appreciate it if they see their wealth go up in a cloud. This war is an existential fight, and the potentates have no choice but to go on and resist and oppose and put their big boy’s pants on.
On religion – the rational for all war and terror – I liked the comment made recently, was that we are going to be able to see so much more and ever-increasing views of the universe, (far beyond heaven), that the scientists will prove there are no gods out there. 🙂

I don’t understand. The Russians pushed for a negotiated settlement to the Donbas issue, ie; people who are ethnic Russians and speak Russian being allowed to live their lives speaking Russian in their homes, schools and workplaces. The first move made by the coup govt in Kiev in 2014 was to make the use of Russian illegal in schools and workplaces. Something similar was pushed for after the 2004 coup also. The attempt to create a federal structure seemed the best solution. The Russians avoided an all out war for 8 years, at a cost of thousands of shoppers lives..
Ignoring the tiresome ‘short man’ jibe, I think Sir Robert might want to look at the people behind Putin, have a feeling he is the softy in the room..

The USA is currently syphoning oil and other prescious resources from the one third of Syria it occupies. As Trump said “we have the oil”.
Where is the outrage?
Where are the sanctions?
Noam Chomsky states that the role of NATO post 1991 is to protect American resource interests.
America and its NATO allies have deliverately sidelined agreements made in good faith that would further the stability of Europe and instead steered a course to direct confrontation with the old foe, the Russian Bear.
Napoleon and Hitler made the same mistake.
You wish Putin dead? Be careful what you wish for. The old neocons in the shadows behind him will not hesitate to blow this proxy war up into a full blown WW3 to settle the old rivalry once and for all.

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