I watched bits and pieces of our cricketers weekend rounders matches, first against Pakistan, then the following night against Bangladesh.

Frankly, I was startled at the commentators constantly blaming problems on an unnamed, unseen trouble-making Jew who’d apparently invaded the pitch.

We were repeatedly told how he’d slowed the ball down preventing boundaries and on other occasions, was affecting the bounce for the bowler’s deliveries.

Jews have a long history of being blamed for a rich diversity of crimes but this has to be a first.

Nevertheless, the bugger must be located and caught before we begin proper cricket, namely test matches.


It’s putting a dampener on things!

Ha ! You are funny !

Well said Bob, unfortunately being only 60 I have an expected 20 years or so more of this shit to endure after you’ve gone, which will undoubtedly worsen.

Tourist got lost in Israel so she slept the night on the lawn in front of a synagogue. She woke up with a heavy dew on her…

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