Imagine being the NZ Herald editor and after a tough week, relaxing on Saturday morning with a coffee and cigar to read his paper.

Then he’s confronted by a large photo on the front page of the business supplement showing a chap the story is about and the caption re this bloke advising, “he’s not as young as he used to be,” as occurred a week back.

If the editor then calmly rises, goes to his garden shed, grabs an axe and drives to the home of the sub-editor responsible for this outrage then beheads him, I’d venture no jury would ever convict him. Indeed, a far more likely scenario is the Judge calling for all present to give the editor a standing ovation for his public service.

For God’s sake; “he’s not as young as he used to be”; it’s bloody mind-boggling. An estimated circa 108 billion humans have existed. Not one of them during any second of their life, has ever been as young as he (or she) used to be.

Slop, slop, slop from individuals whose lives are involved with word-smithing. The only way any editor can reasonably cope with this is to attend the office in a perpetually pissed state.


Haha true,.. The level of literacy in papers now is a disgrace. But not as much of a disgrace as their abdication of their duty to provide proper coverage of critical events such as Americas proxy war on Russia, nearing the world ever closer to nuclear war, and the Covid fiasco. The coverage of the corrupt US hegemony behind NATO forcing Russia to reduce the Ukraine to a pile of rubble, is an outrage.

He may not be as young as he once was, but he was once as young as he ever was.

Never mind editors, imagine the rubbish the Heralds ‘Cultural Advisor’ (paid by the PM’s office) has to dredge through making sure the narrative is contract correct.
ChCh Press has one of these ‘advisors’ on board as well. Along with other bigger newspapers.

off the record… Can I add that the Wellington based part-owner of the ChCh Press, had no idea of the the appointment of a ‘Cultural Advisor’ (paid by the PMs office) to his newspaper.

Correction… ODT has. Not to say the ChCh Press hasn’t also got a ‘Cultural Advisor”..

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