Despite massive labour shortages across the land the public are currently forking out through taxation, benefits for circa 100,000 allegedly unemployed.

I’d wage that I, and for that matter most folk, could find jobs for at least 80,000 of these so-called unemployed within a fortnight. I’m allowing that a fifth of them are in one way or another, utterly incapable of looking after themselves.

Turning a blind eye to this parasitical situation simply encourages its continuation. It’s an issue best tackled by a newly elected government when they have the voters wind behind them and, one hopes, are in a courageous mood.

We can write off the incoming National government as the Party’s history is one of shying from bold decision-making, which is all the more reason to cast for ACT. They have the same characteristic of Labour politicians, namely motivated by a desire for doing necessary things, rather than simply the pursuit of office. If they become a sufficiently meaningful part of next year’s government there will be hope of ending this dire parasitical situation.


Nationals issue is there is not much middle class left in NZ; hollowed out by successive government incompetence.

Successive governments think selling assets to overseas interests is the solution; which is limited to their own tenure.

Big business has abused its market dominance, largely because its now predominately overseas owned; and cares little beyond profit maximisation. Fix that problem by encouraging their dividends to remain in this country, and you’ll solve a big part of our problem…

Ah but it’s not kind to make people go back to education, and learn marketable skills, to make them employable. It’s not politically correct to tell them to get off their illegal drugs, so they could pass a pre-employment drugs test. It’s even unkinder to make them move home to where the jobs are. And of course it’s the ultimate cruelty to force people to work or starve. Can’t see our no one’s ever to blame Government making people face the truth: Most our our healthy, long term unemployed are exactly where they are in life, because poor decisions they made themselves have made them unemployable.

    Yes, thats the idea. Our long term unemployed aren’t there by accident. They dont want a job.
    Whilst there, lets have a look at the sickness beneficiary’s with harleys.

Exactly right

Bill English was on the right track, I reckon. Personal responsibility. The reality is that Labour has always been a soft touch, hence the default port of call for more handouts. Most beneficiaries know exactly what they doing. Wages are less than benefits for many – it costs money to get to work, drug testing is a big issue for many, so why bother contributing to society? It’s not an easy one to solve, but the government signaling a change in attitude would be a good start.

Indeed Sir Bob, it is encouraging hearing ACT proposing to put into “income management” those “work ready” individuals that refuse to take a job (because it would mean the end of their taxpayer funded endless vacation) locks it down, and throw away the key so future socialist / communist governments can’t bring back this disgraceful waste of tax payer’s money. I truly hope ACT becomes the voice of reason for the upcoming National government.

I would like to see the Act policies on everything before I would support them again?. They were nowhere to be seen during Ilegal Forced Lockdowns, Protests, and Farmer ( Groundswell) needed and ear?. So Far Not One Registered Political in New Zealand has any credibility as far as treating the Voter with any respect. They All need to lift their game instead of treating the Public as fools.

Bob, Luxon showed again last night how he fails to relate to the majority of us. His reaction to the additional childcare subsidy.
“It’s just micro economics…..”
Would Lange have said that? No! He’d have had an analogy that would have told people exactly what it is – and put the glow of connectivity on our faces. If Christopher is hoping to lead us to the Promised Land we can only hope he’s got GPS and a torch.

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