The Supreme Court’s ruling that the voting age of 18 is discriminatory, is simply stating the obvious. All laws are discriminatory.

For example: the law requiring drivers to drive on the left discriminates against those who would prefer driving on the right. That’s not being silly. Doubtless numerous tourists and migrants would favour a shift to right-hand driving.

Banning murder is massively discriminatory against the several hundred citizens with such a penchant, who periodically knock someone off in New Zealand and then are punished for it.

The current voting rights are hugely discriminatory against me, as my preference would be for only me to decide the government. It would certainly save a lot of time and money. The current majority rule situation could reasonably be described as mob rule which is hugely discriminatory against the minority’s wishes and not just mine. However, being noted for my tolerance, I do not waste my time and the Supreme Court’s by seeking a pointless declaration on this injustice.

The reaction from the group of adolescents who lay behind this case exposes their unsuitability to vote by their meaningless action and subsequent misinterpretation of it.

Nevertheless, the Prime Minister managed to misunderstand the Supreme Court judgement and promptly announced an intention to introduce such a voting age. That’s simply another nail in the government’s coffin, as if it needed any more. There are so many already implanted one suspect they may be the underlying reason for the steel shortage.


How come that they think the 18 plus voting age is discrminatory when a voting age of 16 would be just as discriminatorry.
Hard to believe that high court judges could be so thick.
Obviously Jacinda wants to loer the age in the hope that the younger the age the more hope that they will be immature enough to vote for her.

“However, being noted for my tolerance”….

Thanks Sir Bob, with all the crap floating around our country at the moment I needed a chuckle.

I have a similar response to people who claim taxation should be “fair” (usually “fair” in their eyes means some other rich prick).

Taxation fundamentally unfair.

We tax people with money, to do otherwise would be pointless.

We should at least have the decency to make it relatively simple and painless.

(And to all those idiots who think we should extend the vote to all 16 year olds because some 16 year olds pay tax, tourists pay tax too……)

My father used to always say that stranger things have happened at sea, he being a marine engineer and full of such adages. But, he’d be wrong on this one as it’s land based and is more serious than things that happen at sea. The more I see of the youth of today, the higher I want to put the voting age and around 27 would be the age that most people seem to get a handle on life (if they ever do because some of them never actually ‘get it’ at all). And I would probably trust Sir Bob to make far better decisions than this clown show are making just now.

They can vote once they learn to clean their room etc

At 16 you can vote, but not drive a truck or drink in a bar.
Where’s the logic in that?

It is well know amongst the medical fraternity that the human brain does not mature until 25.

So yep, put this all down to politics and activists with nothing better to get upset about.

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