Actor, 91 year old William Shatner who was invited along on Jeff Bezos’s space shuttle inaugural trip last year, has reported his disappointment.

“I expected the trip to give me an uplifting sense of the harmony of the universe,” he said. “Instead I saw a cold, dark, black emptiness, unlike any blackness you can see or feel on earth. It filled me with grief. I found it profoundly depressing and I’ve not bounced back from it. Far from being a celebration it felt like a funeral”.

So there you go. No sighting of an old bearded, ballgown-wearing bugger surrounded by halo-topped, winged harpists. Just nothing.

Mind you, always ready to rationalise, religious mystics would doubtless say God was giving Shatner a preview of hell.

But that wouldn’t add up either for surely God wouldn’t omit hell’s major feature, namely a large boiling vat containing Hitler, Stalin, all the Popes and other notable evil-doers, being boiled alive for eternity.


I’m not so sure that ‘all the popes’ would be present. From my understanding, some of the early day popes could have shown Hugh Heffner a really good time.

You’re a fine wine Bob . . Getting better with age … Just share the wealth with me 😁

Cold, dark and empty sums up most of the universe.

After Yuri Gagarin made the first flight into space he reportedly proclaimed to the approving Russian news media that he had not seen God, later when a spacewalking American astronaut was asked by a reporter if he had seen God he responded, “No, but if I had taken my helmet off I would have”.

“Unlike anything I’ve seen on earth….”

He obviously hasn’t visited NZ parliament and watched Labours Māori caucus in action!

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