A friend of mine’s wife received a phone call from his 6 year old daughter’s insane school headmistress.

Out of courtesy she said, she was ringing to advise that their daughter had been reprimanded for grossly inappropriate language.

I know this girl and cannot imagine her, she being rather shy, unleashing a tirade of presumably foul language, moreso as unlike most of us, swearing is not part of my mate’s everyday speech.

Bracing herself the wife then asked to be told what she’d said. Sit down before you read further.

It transpired she’d called another 6 year old a banana. Despair for our future.


” Bananas in Pyjamas ” is a children’s television show . That 6 year old girl should be banned from watching such kiddie porn .

common Chinese slang for someone of Chinese descent who has been here for long enough to act like a kiwi. yellow outside, white inside – Banana. having worked with a lot of Chinese I never recalled the term being a derogatory one. more like a statement of fact

    Pretty sure that Chinese people aren’t yellow. All the ones I know are a pale tan colour, some of the ladies are whiter than me, due to their habitual avoidance of direct sunlight.

Probably the insane one interpreting that as a racist remark – how ridiculous. Schools nowadays seem to be inhabited by the indoctrinated! Glad I was never a teacher, especially an endangered male one!

After 10 more years of influence from ‘teachers’ such as the subject headmistress, this young lady will be voting.

Hardly surprising ,no wonder the country is dumming down in wetness leading to a growing offenderati when the education system is pumping out this sort of guff

Oh, good grief!
I am very prone to swearing, usually only on oral communication, hence my restrained comment. Sir Robert, surely even the woke plastic people in our mainstream media would deride that madness. Is there any way you could publicise the name of the school?

A banana you say? Burn the witch…

In the meanwhile, certain co-leader jokes about karaka berries and how they should be put on the water of certain party leader to “re-indigenise” himself “with some native seeds”. You would think this would be a national scandal with dire consequences BUT it was washed under the rug because since a “Māori” person was the one who said it so it is ok… If the 6-year-old of the note above have said it chances are Māori would be out in force protesting the “oppression of the white privileged class” to even joke about poisoning their leaders… that is the madness that New Zealand must endure these days.

I can only assume an inappropriate pronoun was used

An incompetent teacher. The child should have been caned for a lack of imagination and passion.

Absurdity !! But I’m
not surprised .. name the school please Sir Bob 😊

Woke leadership in govt will lead this country downhill. The smart young people will leave.

The girl was probably right. Her friend was was being a banana. I’ve been managed by people like that over the years …

Is it that some of your correspondents have been drinking & they believe that their collection of thoughts on life during that process should be called logical thinking ?
Thinking, however, I believe is the logical collection of life’s thoughts that, unfortunately, leads us to drinking.

But it’s the batting order that matters.
I’m sure the Greeks said it better & much earlier.

And these loonies are teaching our children

….well just as log as she doesn’t pick on the apples !!
thoses friggen bent bastard banana’s ….skin the bastards

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