3 waters ? It’s 5 now , isn’t it ? Oh what the heck . We can trust them to do what’s right . Right ?

You have to wonder “to who” this Government sold their souls to press so persistently and indiscriminately hard on a piece of legislation that not only is unpopular, but it is also denied by the Gods of common sense themselves. Or are they really that out of touch with reality? or are they just plain evil? or all of the above? So much for the most “open and transparent Government ever”.

    With clowns like Willy Jackson, how could we expect more.

    There should be a competence test to make the grade, but I cant see that happening without a referendum…

    Main stream media climb into any person with the skills necessary to run the country. Its like they prefer the status; which is probably true….Lets not forget who owns this media…overseas big business and the current government…

    Basically, the general nz citizen is and continues to be screwed over by these two parties. A good reason to avoid main stream media, which alot of the youth of today do…

    Maybe there is some hope on the horizon?

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