The capital’s current mayor (the city has justifiably dumped them at the first opportunity ever since Dame Kerry Prendergast pulled stumps) excitedly announced the introduction of e-bikes.

This is fine for the suburbs but a terrible idea for the CBD. Here’s why.

Because of e-bikes lovely Amsterdam has now lost much of its appeal for tourists. Hitherto one could pay $10 and rent a bike for a day’s leisurely cycling amidst the pedestrians strolling the CBD.

Today, thanks to e-bikes it’s now a hell-hole and positively dangerous. Everywhere tight groups of 20 or so e-bike cyclists are charging along in packs at 30mph.

The mayor said they’re great for lowering emissions. So’s shooting everyone.

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Totally know what you mean Bob Amsterdam is dangerous especially when you also look in the wrong direction for the traffic.

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