The relentless media guff about Harry, Meghan and the rest of the so-called royalty cast, puzzles me. Do New Zealand readers give a damn?

Polls show support for the monarchy in Britain rests substantially with lower middle class women.

There’s a growing Republican movement there but mostly people seemingly don’t care one way or another. So be it; it’s their fantasy but why we still claim the British monarch as our formal head of state is ludicrous.

If there was such a thing as royal blood (there’s not) then William for example is three quarters of commoner heritage only going back to his grandmother, the late Queen. Go back to Queen Victoria and you encounter a scenario we’re well familiar with here in which numerous individuals cash in by claiming to be a maori when in fact they have only a scintilla minority maori ethnicity. So too with the current British royalty, seemingly open to all comers for membership, the only qualification being dimness.

Note that unlike bald William, Harry has a very full head of hair and embarrassingly ginger at that.

For an explanation, try this. I was in Britain some years ago when an amusing affair occurred and was quickly hushed up.

The teenage Harry was in a barber chair when in dashed two low-lifes from one of the red top so-called newspapers. They bent down, gathered up Harry’s cut locks from the floor, then fled.

All hell broke loose as armies of police descended on the scene, traced the culprits and not a peep thereafter was aired about this. It’s not hard to know their motives. Plainly they had a readily available DNA test in mind.

Harry has complained about Charles teasing him about not being his father. It may have been hurtful to him but perhaps it acted as a salve to Charles.

The best that can be said about Harry selling his soul for a truckload of silver is it’s provided welcome entertainment in worryingly troubled times.


The Queen is dead . And any small amount of interest that I had in the British royal family died with her . I just don’t care one iota about her descendants and hangers on . Good luck to them , and goodbye !

Ginge and cringe trying to fund a lifestyle they feel entitled to and can’t afford behaving like spoilt toddlers ,really who cares


Britain is alot less relevant than in it’s hay day, which has long past.

It’s only investment now hinge on fiat currency, and the bogus tax havens it established to hide ill gotten gains of politicians and the like.

People seem to have forgotten the royals use to chop up heads not that long ago.

Another revolution might be a wake up call for their followers, who seem to be ignorant beyond Bliss…

Think its disgusting what Harry is doing is suicidal, why would u hang all the dirty washing out for what gain!

A republic for for UK, – and New Zealand – really ?. We all know where this path would take us here. I still favour the Royals, for (some) stability, but poor Harry is just a puppet, who married a banshee. One can’t listen to his drivel, so Harry, just shut up and spare me !

Not a republican at all but the irrelevance of the UK to NZ is so obvious that changing the GG’s title to something else seems appropriate… Which I spose, means I’m a republican! 🙂

I like NZ using the royal family as head of state, especially when they stay in the UK. Think about a local head of state – like Jim Bolger – Helen Clark – etc -etc. I also believe that the governor general should come from Britian, why would someone in the UK appoint a person in NZ whom they likely have never met to represent them in NZ? And that is before we consider the current appointee.

We’ve had some wonderful NZ GGs, eg Sir Michael Hardie Boyes. But if it ain’t broke etc. a president would be a disaster sooner or later.

It is ironic that all our GGs are chosen by our government ‘in power’ at the time, they advise the Head of State (Queen/King) who then duly appoints the chosen one as their representative in NZ. Maybe we have been lucky that no real ratbags have been given the top job here.

Contrast that with other ‘democracies’ where the head of state is elected after an election campaign – Brazil, USA, etc – protests, riots, corruption accusations are the norm it seems.

Maybe we do have the best setup after all. I suspect the cost of maintaining our GG, plus extra costs to the taxpayer when the Royals come out here to visit, would be far less than electing a president every few years.

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