The above conference as always, will attract much media attention.

It’s all fairly predictable. Some show-pony rich attendees will call for wealth taxes solely to get publicity as to their goodness, but safe in the knowledge that no-one present will agree. Various predictable protest groups will assemble to shout at the delegates about climate change and so on, the moon-faced Greta at the fore. But the reality as with all conferences is their principal raison d’etre is a tax deductible holiday for the delegates.

Conferences are the biggest bullshit activity, (religion aside), ever invented. People give speeches. They could just as easily be written out and sent to the delegates at their homes.

The great Evelyn Waugh was the first ever to expose them with his 1947 novella “Scott-King’s Modern Europe”. Thereafter numerous novelists have poked fun at conferences, including me in my “Degrees For Everyone” novel.

News that hundreds of so-called “high-class” (in other words, beautiful) prostitutes have descended on Davos to service the delegates, brought back a very funny Australian recollection, from memory, in the 1990s.

Victoria had some time earlier legalised brothels and I was watching Australia’s then leading current affairs TV show dealing with this.

They had a guest who was The Victorian Brothel-owners Association President and he was being decidedly gun-shy, down-playing the social impact etc, the interviewer was pressing him on. He was basically arguing the brothels existence had had no discernable impact.

Then the interviewer asked, “What about conferences?” and he abruptly exploded into life, excitedly saying they’d never experienced anything like the last fortnight thanks to a conference, so much so, he said that most of the girls had gone up to Queensland to lie in the sun to recover. I used that in my “Full Circle” novel.

And the conference, The Anglican Synod with thousands of Anglican clerics there from all over the world.



This BS guy Klaas who runs the show probably gets first divs, on what is nothing more than a junkit for politicians and senior executives who enjoying skiing…

The best thing about the WEF Davos shindig is all the celebs flying in in their private jets to flap their jaws about how the rest of us should be reducing emissions.
I admire Bob getting his jet after being annoyed by AirNZ. Hope that’s getting plenty of hours on the clock.

Why travel at all? Any speeches could be given online and shared online ala youtube etc, that way delegates could waste no time and head straight for their local knocking shop. Think globally act locally…

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