Reading of Yoko Ono hitting 90 brings to mind how she was indirectly responsible for what Mike Moore used to constantly tease me as my greatest ever achievement, namely the only bugger in human history who could manage to get into a fist fight in the Hiroshima Peace Museum. Protesting that it wasn’t my fault cut no ice with Mike who taunted me endlessly about it.

I was in the Hiroshima Peace museum examining in a small room a large relief under glass of the pre-bomb city. A woman drew up alongside and made some observations and without looking at her we had a brief discussion about the pre-war city compared with the rebuild.

Then abruptly the room became filled with noise which without turning around I put down to a school party I’d observed earlier.

Suddenly I was violently pushed from behind. I turned and saw the room had filled with reporters, evident by a couple of television camera crews. I glared at my assailant who pushed me again so I popped him with the old left jab. He threw and missed with a round-house punch, I banged back another jab at which point Yoko, who I only learned later who she was, fled, followed by the press entourage.

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