Stuart Nash is one of the more affable Government MPs. God knows what he’s doing in the Labour Party.

A forestry expert with two forestry degrees and needless to say, like seemingly every typist, taxi-driver, road worker etc, etc, the possessor of a law degree, it’s my pick he will pull stumps and seek a career change anytime soon.

Ignore the polls. The government is doomed and will be swept out of office in October. Enoch Powell’s famous dictum springs to mind, namely that all political careers end in failure. Stu should move on before it applies to him.

I suspect there will be lots of sinking ship jumping by government MPs before October as the prospect of Opposition will be decidedly unappealing.

Commenting on “Nash’s” “crime” we learn that the Cabinet manual prohibits cabinet members criticising judges’ decisions. If so that’s a bloody ridiculous edict. Judges’ decisions are open to everyone else to criticise so why stop cabinet ministers?

Hardly a week passes when a judge’s decision doesn’t have us all furious, usually with its leniency. Saying it’s a tough job (which it is) should not come into it. No one forces people to become judges.


I’m not sure about Labour losing now. The sheep are liking Chippy.

    A week is still a long time in politics

    Liking or not liking is largely irrelevant-its the same reason why Thatcher kept getting elected despite polls saying she was unpopular. In a private ballot-people vote for what’s in their best interests -typically financially driven. In the case of Thatcher-as will be the case in NZ-people will vote for a Government that they believe will make them wealthier. Adios Labour-good riddance.

No matter how “Chippy” one can be there is no hiding from the devastation (and abandonment) of the Bay of Plenty. Remember this is a government that needs to announce an announcement. Zero delivery means the pain and the anger due to the typical government inaction is only set to grow. Shame politicians are not personally accountable for sinking the ship… while a Director of a company is… what’s the difference? who is accountable for wasting my taxes?

Wayne Senior Fairbrother March 16, 2023 at 4:24 pm

Are not Labour’s sentencing guidelines political interference with our Judges’ sentencing decisions? Is it not perverting the course of Justice, by directing our Judges not to imprison people?

Nope, they are doomed. The cyclone booster long gone, and nothing but their own self induced inpetness on display, as NZ slides further and further down the proverbial gutter.

I don’t understand why he’s being canned now for something that happened in 2020. Isn’t it the duty of ministers to confer with judges when justice appears out of balance?

    Cancel culture. It does not matter if a lifetime ago you said or did anything, heck it does not matter if you are already dead! (i.e. look at how even statues are being cancelled due to telling our history… judging under today’s standards people/events long gone is…). In this age of technology where social networks will never, ever, let you forget… one wrong step and you will hold in shame for all eternity. This is the age of madness we are living on.

I entirely agree. It should be open slather.

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