I’m staggered. Having constantly read that Chris Luxon is a dullard, for the first time ever I actually heard him speak when he popped up on the Stuff site.

The speech he delivered to a Lower Hutt audience was entirely off the cuff and was as good as I’ve ever heard from any post-war New Zealand politician.

With no notes he moved lucidly without pause, confidently from one topic to another. This was not the image the print media have enjoyed portraying him over the past year.

One criticism was his scruffy tie-less appearance. He sounded Prime Ministerial but didn’t look it.

As I’ve said now for over a year on this site, the government will lose in a landslide in October.

Commenting on this some readers on this site have referred to the polls. And as I’ve written on this site repeatedly, polls simply no longer work anywhere and haven’t done for about six years.

We saw this yet again illustrated with the recent NSW state election. While most commentators cautiously picked a change of government after Labour’s 12 years in the wilderness, not so the polls which had the Labour and Liberal coalition equal pegging.

But the result typically proved the polls wrong producing a Labour landslide.


Great observation, I’ve often thought his narrative is controlled and written by the his media team
“That therein lies the problem “

I am at a loss as to why, these days, there are a prevalence of male politicians, of which I include John Key, for instance, that are equipped with a slightly effeminate ring clenching twang to their voice. They are not good vote attractors.

Yes, a good speech. But he did use teleprompters.

Yes, I do concur with the comment made about the tie.Chris Hopkins is better dressed. When Mr Luxon does don a tie, his appearance is much improved.

The MSM have been giving him hell ever since he took over the leadership.
They are terrified that he is so much better that the labour leadership.
He actually has business experience!!

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