I suspect I speak for the majority of folk when I say the Nayland High (Nelson) School teacher surreptitiously filmed repeatedly telling his no-hoper students how “fucking useless” they were, should be declared Man of the Year, even should he lack the pre-requisite qualification of being either a maori, or more commonly, a pretend one. Not for a second do I doubt his explosion was totally justified, indeed in the circumstances arguably he was the voice of moderation. A more rational response would have been to pull out a machine gun and spray the room, which could be described as doing God’s work.

Today’s students are unbelievably ignorant for one reason, namely their obsession with cell-phones. World-wide they’re increasingly being banned in schools, the latest being in New South Wales.

Recently, I was approached for advice by a friend’s daughter, due to start university next year. In the course of conversation I learnt she’d never in her life held, let alone read a book. Apparently at High School everything was on computers. Needless to say her general knowledge level was abysmal.

Consider this extract from a letter just received from one of our top academic figures who for obvious reasons I won’t name.

“Outpourings of entitlement are the defining feature of our times. That along with all the post-modernist nonsense that has resulted in schools and universities teaching a generation of young people that how they feel is more important than the facts, and what they want is more important than the costs”.


This definitely makes your top 10 of all time Bob.

Once again a very astute post Sir Robert totally agree that this teacher should be rewarded for stating facts.
I fear we don’t have a cost of living crisis in this country, instead more of a cost of production crisis, due mainly to the fact that we are pandering to a few with a sense of entitlement and that instead of aiming for excellence in whatever we do, we are now settling for mediocrity.

exactly the issue!

Most upset will be the parents who should take a good look at themselves. That teacher should get a pay rise.

Once again spot on Sir Robert.

Always entertaining

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MAN OF THE YEAR | The Inquiring MindApril 7, 2023 at 2:00 pm


MAN OF THE YEAR | The Inquiring MindApril 7, 2023 at 2:00 pm


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